Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Indoor Smart Home Camera Review

Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera is, more often than not, compared with most mid-range and high-end cameras because of its features. And considering its overall price, a lot of homeowners and security camera enthusiasts are really impressed with the said camera.

So, what does really the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera offers to its users? What makes it popular these days?

Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Indoor Smart Home Camera

4.1 out of 5 stars

Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Indoor Smart Home Camera


Wyze is actually a start-up company that focuses mainly on three things – quality, design, and affordability. And this is why you would see these factors in each of their products, especially on the Wyze Cam Pan.

According to the founders of the brand, they believe that big things must come at small prices. And as it happens, Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera has become one of the “biggest” security cameras in the industry. And one of the main reasons behind is because of its price.

Generally, it would only cost you below $50 when you purchase this camera. And in comparison to other cameras like the iSmartAlarm cameras, Amazon Cloud Cam, and Nest Cam, this one is already quite a steal. Not only due to its price, but the features are all quite similar to its higher-end competitors.

But, is it really worth it?

Key Features and Specifications

  • 1080P Full HD Resolution

The Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera features 1080P of full HD resolution. And this cam actually provides its users with clear and vivid videos and images. In fact, many security camera enthusiasts are really impressed with the clear images that this camera can provide.

When you review the footages and check the captured images, it’s as if the outputs are all taken from a high-end security camera. There are too many details, especially during daytime.

As for the frames per second, this camera offers up to 15 fps alongside the 3.5mm focal length and F2.3 aperture.

And considering its total price, many are really surprised by the camera quality that it ultimately offers.

Along with the 1080P resolution, the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera also offers the pan, tilt, and zoom features that makes this camera an all-inclusive type.

  • 30-Feet Night Vision

But while many are praising the camera for its clear images and videos during the daytime, many are also quite satisfied with its night vision function.

The Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera has 6 infrared LEDs. And thanks to these LEDs, the said camera’s night visions are even more enhanced. In fact, it can absolutely distinguish 18 shades of gray. Plus, the visions can reach up to 30 feet.

However, the night vision feature may not provide very clear and vivid views when the area is at zero-visibility due to darkness.

Although there is much more to improve with this feature, many are still looking at it as a great addition to the overall package. Moreover, when you compare the night vision feature of the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera with the $100-VTech VC931, you would see that the latter would not go beyond or even get even with the night vision quality of the Wyze Cam.

So, some may say that this is a drawback. But, if you look at it closely and compare it with the other entry-level security cams, this is already impressive.

  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom Coverage

Another factor why many are really loving the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera is that this camera provides a great coverage for its pan, tilt, and zoom functions.

In totality, this Wyze Cam features 120 degrees of viewing angle, 360 degrees of horizontal panning, and 93 degrees of vertical tilting abilities. Accordingly, users can pretty much see everything at one glance. As it happens, you can see almost every detail in just 3 seconds. And this is a very significant figure for an entry-level security camera.

What makes it more interesting is that most popular high-end cameras cannot provide the same results and features. Say, the Nest Cam Indoor – when users utilize this cam, the only things that you would see are the ones directly subjected under its fixed-angle lenses.

And again, this is another advantage for the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera.

  • 2-Way Audio Communication

If you are looking for an all-inclusive yet affordable security camera, then you might want to check the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera. Apparently, this camera is only some of the entry-level cameras that feature 2-way audio communication.

This feature is very much enabled to its users due to its unique microphone design that minimizes the motor sounds. The audio is also on point with regard to its quality due to its Class-K audio power amplifier. Also, users would no longer need to worry about its speaker volume since the Class-K feature covers this aspect as well.

So, whether you are out-of-town or busy working in your office, you can definitely check and communicate with the people on the other side of the camera through the dedicated application. Also, many pet owners choose to utilize this as a great pet security camera as well.

  • Connectivity and WiFi

Works Well with Alexa 

Alexa has become one of the must-have features when looking for a great security camera. This is because Alexa has become a widely used AI assistant in most households today. And having a security camera that can work well with Alexa offers a superior convenience to the users, especially the ones who are very much dependent on Alexa.

As it happens, the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera is Alexa-enabled. This means that it can be connected to any Alexa-enabled device. So, whether you want the footages to be shown on your Fire TV and other Alexa devices or simply want to manage them through these gadgets, you can freely do so.

By and large, the Alexa feature of the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera is one of the main things that really surprise the consumers and enthusiasts. Many think that because of this feature, the presence of the Amazon Cloud Cam on the market is quite pointless already.

Although Amazon Cloud Cam has its own distinct features and specifications, a lot of actual users state that the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera would already be enough, especially if the buyers are only after the Alexa feature.

In some way and somehow, this is a great advantage for the Wyze Cam Pan. And to be compared with one of the high-end security cameras of today, that is one of the apparent edges of the product.

WiFi Module Connectivity

As for the WiFi connectivity, the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera only works with a 2.4GHz network. Although some security cameras would work with both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz ratings, this camera is only limited to the previously given figure.

So, if your connection is rated at 5.0GHz, you cannot use and connect the security camera into your network. Hence, it is best that you ensure first your wifi module and network at home before purchasing this camera.

  • Pan Scan Waypoints

The Pan Scan feature of the Wyze Cam Pan is actually one of the highlights of the said security camera. And in comparison to other entry-level security cameras like the VTech 720P cameras, this one from Wyze labs would really stand out. And this is because it is the only security camera in its price range that offers the scanning of different paths and waypoints.

Apparently, the Wyze Cam Pan can be set to scan up to 4 waypoints. And with the help of its 360-degree horizontal panning, users can ultimately check every controlled point in the location.

The patrol routes of the camera can be customized according to your preference. And users can configure them through the use of any connected Alexa device or through a compatible device that has the dedicated application for this camera.

  • Motion Tracker

The motion tracker feature is actually the “wildcard” of the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera. In actuality, many see this feature as either advantage or drawback of the overall structure.

In the point of being an advantage, this tracker feature scans, detects, and follows the motions that are being projected on to the field of view of the camera. And as long as it elicits motions, the system will continue to track the movements of the subject.

This is quite helpful to users, especially during suspicious events and scenarios. Consequently, users can largely check and follow the subject’s movements and motions inside the field of view.

However, the main drawback for this feature is that all the motions detected and followed by the system will be sent to the users through the installed application. So, as long as the motion is on-going, the notifications and alarms would also continue its functions in the application.

And this can be a real drawback for the users. But even so, many users and consumers are hopeful that Wyze Labs would improve this feature real soon.

  • Dedicated Application

Just like any security camera of today, the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera has also its own dedicated application. Users would only need an Android or iOS device to download and install the application.

Through the application, all of the motion and sound detections are sent to the users. These detections will notify and alarm the users so they could keep track of everything that is under surveillance.

  • Free Cloud Storage

Another great thing about the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera is that it comes with a free 14-day cloud storage. Users and interested buyers would no longer need to pay extra charges or monthly subscriptions just to access their respective brand’s cloud storage, unlike the Nest Cams.

The cloud storage is widely accessible through the dedicated application. And in the said storage, footages, captures, audio files are enabled to be saved, replayed, and reviewed in 14 days.

On the other hand, the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera can also be incorporated with a MicroSD Card. So, if you want a personal storage outside the cloud system, you can have it by inserting a MicroSD Card. However, these SD cards are not included in the package. Hence, that will be an additional cost on your end if you wish to have this kind of functionality.

  • Overall Build and Structure

The Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera is seen as one of the unique security cameras of today. Usually, the features that this camera has are found on a traditional and classic style of security cameras. But, Wyze Labs ensures its customers and clients that they will be experiencing a whole new set of innovations and systems that would complement well the build and structure of the camera.

As it happens, the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera has a rectangular shape. So, users can conveniently place the camera on any flat surface. Also, this camera comes in two colors – black and white. And depending on your preference, you could choose between the two that will fit accordingly your taste.

The Verdict: Is The Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera Worth It?

In totality, the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera is totally worth it. In fact, its abilities and functionalities supersede its actual price. And this is why many are really looking forward to having this security camera in their respective homes and properties.

For a price that falls below $50, which already includes the shipping costs, the Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera is definitely quite a steal!

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Question: I have an RV and there is no internet at all there. My question is can i put a camera in the RV and operated it with my Samsun Galaxy s10 plus phone that is 2 hours away from the RV.

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