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It is important to secure your residential or commercial campus through high end surveillance system. The best and affordable way to keep your loved one safe and office secured is by installing security cameras. The best security camera system records the images and videos with utmost clarity, equipped with intelligent motion sensor and is apt for installing both inside and outside. It works perfectly both during day and night with low light adjustment system.

This guide will help you make the right selection from large varieties of security camera system available in the marketplace.

Unfold the Mystery of the Best Security Camera Systems


Review of Top Security Camera System

 Amcrest 960H Security Camera system with 65ft Night Vision  

The security camera by Amcrest gives excellent clarity with its 4 high resolution 800+ TVL. It is equipped with 24 IR LEDs which gives perfect night vision for about 65 ft. It is constructed using heavy-duty metal and IP66 certified imparting weatherproof. The intelligent motion detection and scheduled recording make the security camera immensely versatile. It has a pre-installed hard drive of 500GB that gives 6-days of continuous recording at the highest resolution… Read More 

Funlux 8 Channel Full HD 720p Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

The security camera from Funlux is a set of 8 security cameras that enables intelligent recording mode. The clarity of the video is maintained with 1280 x 720 HD resolution live stream. It has an automatic IR-cut filter and offers night vision of up to 65ft. It is IP65 certified with weatherproofing and perfect for both indoor/outdoor uses. It gives recording up to 90 days. It delivers push notifications to phones on detection of motion… Read More 

Zosi 8CH security camera system 4 x HD 1280TVL Indoor/Outdoor weatherproof camera

The security comes as a combined pack of 4 cameras with 720p resolution and 1280TVL that gives high-end clarity. It comes with H.264 video compression and has an inbuilt memory of 1TB in the hard disk. It has motion detection system. An email notification or push alert message is sent to the mobile phone in case of any motion. The ZOSI view app can be used to live view on the phone remotely… Read More 

Zmodo 8CH 720p HDMI 1TB HDD Outdoor/Indoor security camera  

It is 8 camera set up with a resolution of 720P color sensor that gives great image clarity. It has 24 IR LEDs that offers night vision of up to 65 ft. and offers an 81 degree of angle of view. It has smart NVR with an intelligent recording that works on Wi-Fi connectivity. It has an inbuilt memory of 500GB HDD that saves footage for 90 days. The Zmodo app allows remote and motion detection area can be adjusted… Read More 

Anran 8 channel POE Security camera system with 1080p with 4 cameras 

The Anran security camera has 1080p resolution with POE connectivity and can be installed hassle free. It has high-quality 36pcs IR LED lights for night vision and IR cut that automatically adjusts light intensity. All the cameras have in-built POE and hence can be run only with Ethernet cat cable. It has intelligent motion detection and sends an email alert with clear images. It is very easy to install and is compatible for remote viewing… Read More

Amcrest Ultra HD 3-Megapixel 8 Ch POE Security camera 

The Amcrest security camera has 8-channel NVR that is backed by 4 terabytes of hard drives. It delivers world-class video quality with its 3MP camera at 20fps and is equipped with Ambarella chipset. It is backed by intelligent search, playback and backup facilities along with motion detection system. The Amcrest view app helps in instant live view. It supports virtually any ONVIF compliant IP camera or POE system and has a dual-core embedded processor for better-recorded video.

Reolink 4MP PoE Security System 8 channel camera with 2TB Hard Drive 

The security camera from Reolink has a resolution of 1440p with super HD that gives high-end clarity. It supports 1440p/1080p/720p live recording of the video both during day and night. The 8 channels record simultaneously and have a space of around 2TB HDD. It is perfect for both inside and outdoor, have an intelligent motion sensor and comes with easy PoE connection. It can be connected to the smartphone or computer for remote viewing.…Read More

Components of your security camera system

There are some very important components of a security camera system that will complete your set. These are:

  1. Cameras: there are different cameras for different purposes. Placement plays an important role in deciding the kind of camera to buy.
  2. Recorders: there are two types of recorders, Digital and Network. DVR store and record. NVR do the same thing but are connected to a whole network
  3. Monitors: they display the images and videos.

These are the main components of a security system. Cables, remotes and other such items are included in the package itself.

Things to consider before purchasing security camera system

  • Cost-effective

 The security cameras are known for its quality as well as its affordable pricing. They must give great surveillance ability and must be compatible enough to be installed in corners without costing much. The camera must have high clarity, good quality and offers great resolution with excellent storage facilities at affordable rates.

  • IP or Analog security camera

There is a huge difference between IP and analog security camera. If you require a very high level of security, it is recommended to purchase IP based security camera as it gives more sharp and clear image. It runs on internet connection based on Ethernet connection and the feed can be viewed through a central server. Analog camera records on a DVR or VCR and does not require internet connectivity but the image clarity however is reduced.

  • Coverage area

Always purchase a camera that gives good coverage area. Before making the investment, it is critical to consider size and distance from the object that you want the camera must cover. The lens specifications can be decided accordingly. The lens size is of different size and you can choose narrow or wide range cover.

  •  Feature Versatility

It is important for a security camera to be equipped with versatile functions so that it can be used for many things. It is highly recommended to purchase a security camera that helps with features like facial recognition, night vision, two way talk, good storage capacity, automatic light adjustment etc. This makes the camera better for surveillance. The more are the features, more flexible the security camera becomes for its various functions.

  • Certifications

There are some certifications like IP65 or IP66 that makes it resistant to multiple weather based elements. It is important that the camera must have strong construction with these weather proof certifications. It prevents the camera from being damaged by harsh weather conditions like wind or rain.

Characteristics to look for in security camera system


Characteristics to look for in security camera system


The security cameras must have certain characteristics and it must be checked before making the purchase. Here are things that you must check before making the purchase.

  • Clarity and resolution

The most important features of a security camera are the level of clarity. The picture clarity is directly proportional to the resolution. It is recommended to purchase a security camera with HD quality so that it gives a better image and video quality. The image quality is better and clear with higher resolution.

  • Design and construction

It is important to purchase a security camera that has tough construction. The heavy-duty metal casing is important to protect the camera from adverse weather condition. An IP66 certification is mostly used for rain resistance. The outer durability and construction material is very important so that the camera stays safe and protected.

  • Angle of camera

The camera must be flexible enough to move in both horizontal and vertical direction. It is better to purchase a security camera that offers wide-angle view since it is able to take care of the complete surroundings. If the camera has wide angle, it means it is able to bring more area under surveillance zone.

  • Auto light adjustment

The camera must have good lighting conditions and hence give a good image or video even in low light. Always purchase a camera that is able to capture good images even when it is dark. It is better to buy a security camera that provides automatic adjustment to the light conditions. The camera that you have purchased must be good for both high and low light conditions.


Security cameras are an excellent way to keep your residential campus as well as an office safe. The security camera must be small, cost-effective and enhance the overall décor. It is a daunting task to find a good and reliable security camera from the marketplace with so many varieties. This complete guide will help in finding the best security camera system along with reviews of the top cameras.

The guide has been prepared by experts after complete test and trial of all the reviewed products. They can be installed both inside and outside with heavy duty strong casing making it resistant to adverse weather condition. This comprehensive guide will help you make a right choice amongst the lot.

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michael lee - September 16, 2015 Reply

Thank’s for the post ducnguyen09! Since the Funlux Outdoor Surveillance Camera offer’s the 200 recording, would you say this is preferable for those seeking stamina/longevity in a system? Also, the annke resolution seems great, are there other systems with high def and better resolution? Either way as I look at these, and other systems, I will keep in mind the variety in the market.

Casey Miller @Best Wireless Security System with DVR - July 27, 2016 Reply

The Amcrest 960H Video Security System is undoubtedly one of the best wireless security camera system with DVR. It is loaded with many features that make it an excellent value-for-money commodity.

rgerg - August 1, 2016 Reply

The Amcrest 960H Video Security System is undoubtedly one of the best wireless security camera system with DVR. It is Thank’s for the post ducnguyen09! Since the Funlux Outdoor Surveillance Camera offer’s the 200 recording, would you say this is preferable for those seeking stamina/longevity in a system? Also, the annke resolution seem

Silas Knight - August 12, 2016 Reply

There is a lot of information here about security cameras. I had no idea that there were so many different camera types, including wired, motion sensing, and remote viewing. Is there a best choice, or is it all based on placement?

Snoos Home Alarm - February 2, 2018 Reply

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Your content is very informative.

Riya Sai - March 14, 2018 Reply

Thanks for sharing a helpful blog about best security camera system with reviews of the top cameras. IP camera Technology is rapidly advancing on a daily basis in terms of quality, reliability, and affordability. Nowadays, cameras are enhancing more compact and efficient in their design, while offering better advantages and higher resolution.

One such example is the brand new product is reviewing here, the Matrix 3MP POE SECURITY with the help of latest technologies like Adaptive Streaming. This IP Bullet Camera offers the incredible resolution for a security camera, along with exceptional quality images even in low light and making the whole solution very cost effective.

Janette Dorita - June 22, 2018 Reply

The article is very detail. It’s good for anyone want to improve the task security for home or business. Thanks for sharing!

24shots - January 25, 2019 Reply

Security camera are used because they can keep the office and houses away from thief. Hence they are very useful.

Victoria Addington - April 29, 2020 Reply

I am hoping to find quality cctv systems here in Geelong. I agree that one of the important features of a security camera are the level of clarity. With that, I’d like to consider a security camera with HD quality for a better image and video quality.

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