WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera Review

Safety and security are important factors to consider at all times. And in terms of keeping your home safe, security cameras are always present in the subject. Accordingly, some homeowners prefer to have a bullet type of security camera. And this is the reason why the WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera  has been a popular choice by many.

WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera


Apparently, Shenzhen Smarteye Digital Electronics Co., LTD is the name of the company that created WansView. For some reason, they are much well-known as Smarteye in China. It is only in the recent years when they utilize the brand name “WansView” for their security cameras as they expanded their cloud servers in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Europe.

Today, they are embraced as China’s 3rd most competitive and productive security camera brand.

One apparent reason for this is that Shenzhen Smarteye has been in the industry for quite some time now. In fact, the company was first established in 2002. Along with the establishment of the company, they were actually one of the first few brands to have their own Research and Development department.

And because of their research methods together with their advanced technologies, they have already reached their market globally. 

WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera

WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera Wireless WiFi IP Surveillance Bullet Home Camera

Today, WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera is one of the three Full HD 1080P Outdoor IP Cameras of the brand. And this is actually a top-rated one since it appears to be very different from its product line.

Due to its apparent uniqueness, it has become one of the company pride and glory. In fact, they have gained a lot of sales through the said camera. But even so, many consumers and enthusiasts, especially in the security camera industry think that this security camera has the downsides that are not really worth it for any users.

Key Features and Specifications

In the market today, the WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera is considered to be one of the entry-level bullet security cameras. And if this is what you are looking for, make sure that you check all the aspects of the camera to see the overall quality and functionality.

WansView W2 - Key Features and Specifications

Quick Summary of the Camera

  • 1080P Full HD
  • Night Vision
  • IP66 Weatherproof
  • Dedicated Application
  • Below $75

The Quality of the Camera

WansView W2 - The Quality of the Camera

The WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera features a 1080P Full HD clarity. And if you are considering this specification for an entry-level bullet camera, this can pretty much provide already a great quality of footages.

In addition, it can capture video footages at a frame rate of 30 frames per second which is pretty decent as well considering that other basic bullet security cameras, like the Oculur XNR8-2 NVR, which can only provide 20 to 25 frames per second.

As for the lens, it is rated at 6mm which has a total viewing angle of 65 degrees.

Although the WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera can provide a great quality of output, it does not have any pan, tilt, and zoom features. But while it does not have these kinds of camera features, WansView is still confident that this camera is a great addition to the world of security cameras.

Also, aside from the clear footages that this camera can produce, it features a quality night vision function. Apparently, most bullet security cameras of today have a great night vision function. So, when you are choosing a bullet camera, make sure that the night vision function is made from the finest qualities. This is because when you are choosing a bullet camera, this is one of the essential factors to consider.

Even so, the WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera features 36 pcs of IR LEDs in its built. These IR LEDs can provide a total of 60 feet in its range of distance when the night vision function is activated.

Although, some users state that it is quite difficult to know when this feature is activated.

The Durability and Structure of the Camera

In terms of the durability of the camera, users can pretty much rely on its sturdy build. In fact, the casing of the WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera uses a good grade of aluminum.

In addition, it is equipped with an IP66 Weatherproofing function which makes this bullet camera perfect for outdoor uses. But even so, users are free to choose the location of the installation since this camera is a wireless type. Although, keep in mind that are a few issues and concerns when it comes to its wireless features. Nevertheless, these concerns will be clarified in the latter section of this post.

Now, the structure of this bullet camera is quite similar to most bullet cameras. And this is only fitting since it is the standard build of every bullet type.

The operating temperature of the WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera is rated at between 10 degrees Celsius and 50 degrees Celsius. As for storing the camera itself, the storage temperature must be around 40 degrees Celsius up to 70 degrees Celsius.

If these parameters are not followed conventionally, it may affect the overall functionality and durability of the product. But these kinds of concerns are not very apparent to actual users of the said camera.

Another thing that makes the WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera great in terms of its durability and build is that it comes with several certifications that state the standard durability of the product. These certificates include the CE and FCC which are quite essential to any type of security camera.

Compatibility and System Requirements

WansView W2 - Compatibility and System Requirements

The WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera is compatible with almost all iOS and Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. But certainly, these compatibility specifications have reservations.

Take note that these devices must still meet the standard requirements for them to be compatible.

For smartphones, Android devices must have an operating system of 2.2 and above. As for iPhones, they must have an operating system of 4.3 and higher. And for Windows phones, users can utilize the browser instead of downloading the application.

When using Personal Computers, laptops, and desktops, the basic requirements would include the version of Windows must 7, Vista, and XP. As for Mac users, it should have the latest MAC OS version. Accordingly, the browsers that are applicable to be used are Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8; Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

Now, the range of compatibility of the WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera is quite wide. And this is actually a great advantage for the product. This is because the more devices that are compatible, the more the camera is efficient to use.

Nevertheless, users must keep in mind that there are still risks to this wide compatibility network.

The Dedicated Application

The dedicated application of the WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera is called the WansView App. Users may download the said application through their respective smartphones.

Accordingly, this application is downloadable only to the compatible devices and gadgets.

In general, the WansView App is a very convenient platform for every owner and user. It allows the users to manage, configure, and view the camera remotely. However, these are only basic features and there are no other further functions that it can do like motion detection and notification alert.

So basically, the application and the camera itself lacks a few important features that any entry-level bullet camera should have. Unlike the Nest, ZModo, and ReoLink cameras, they all have motion detection features that alert the users through their respective dedicated applications. Hence, this is quite a drawback for the WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera.

But even so, users can utilize largely the application for remote viewing of footages and videos. Also, the said application allows the users to watch and manage up to 4 cameras all at once.

The Setup and Installation

WansView W2 - The Setup and Installation

The setup and installation of the WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera are quite easy and convenient. In fact, it would only take a few minutes to finish the whole process.

Certainly, it will all start with the wifi configuration. Keep in mind that this bullet camera is a wireless WIFI type. So, you would no longer need to connect an ethernet cable just to make it work. But make sure you connect the included ethernet cable when you do the configuration. Once the camera is connected, you can then remove it.

Also, be sure to install the camera not more than 45 feet away from the router because this will affect dramatically the quality and functionality of the camera.

In configuring the camera, you will need the dedicated application for doing so. Once the power supply is connected along with the ethernet cable, try to detect the camera using the application and add it to the list. This process will only take 3 to 8 minutes depending on the speed of your internet.

In addition, your internet must have a wifi module that is rated at 2.4 GHz. If your wifi module is rated 5.0 GHz, the camera will not work since it is not supported.

Now, it is mentioned that the WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera is wireless. However, as what was stated above, there are a few concerns with this aspect.

Apparently, the camera itself is not battery operated. Hence, you will need to connect it into a power supply – all – the – time. So, it may be wireless in terms of its internet connectivity, but it is not entirely wireless due to its power requirements. And because of this, it limits the whole functionality of the product. And this is actually a drawback to the product.

Price and Package Inclusions

The WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera is one of the entry-level and basic cameras, but it’s price states otherwise. This is because this camera has a price that falls below $75. And for a basic bullet camera, this is quite expensive considering all the limitations of the camera.

When you purchase this, you will also get to have the accompanying accessories. And these include the power adapter, ethernet cable, mounting screws, wifi antenna, CD software, Installation Guide, and User Manual.

Advantages and Drawbacks

In reviewing and observing the WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera, there are both pros and cons to the product.

In terms of its advantages, it has a great quality of camera since it can provide clear footages and resolution. Also, the compatibility range of the camera is quite wide. Another advantage of this camera is that it is very durable and sturdy which could stay with the users for quite a long time.

On the other hand, here are the cons of the WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera:

Primarily, it lacks some of the basic features like zoom. Secondly, it does not feature a motion detector and audio features. Thirdly, it is not entirely wireless. And lastly, it is quite expensive in comparison to most bullet cameras of today.

The Verdict

With all these things at hand, it is quite safe to say that the WansView W2 Outdoor Security Camera is not really a great camera when versatility, flexibility, and functionality are considered. But even so, traditional camera users would appreciate this camera.

So, if you are looking for a camera that is quite functional and inexpensive, this might not be yet the best option for you.


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