Versatile iPhones with Potent Android Applications Offer Better Security

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Now is the era of technological advancement the Power of Mobile iPhone and android Applications in Security system needs to be mentioned. The advancement of technology has reached to such a level that you can easily control your home or workplace cameras and view their recordings at anytime from anywhere.

Versatile iPhones with Potent Android Applications Offer Better Security

Controlling your security surveillance with the help of your mobile or iPhone application is a very useful and a common thing these days. Many applications having various different features have come into the forefront for a better handling of your home and workplace security.

These days 1080p resolution lens are used for the stream the video recordings from your various security cameras installed at different points on your phones and android device at your convenience. The recordings are played at 30 fps and it is as clear images as ever.  These days the manufacturers are very articulate in utilizing the Video Management Systems (VMS) which aids in managing multi camera systems. Say for example you can manage your video recordings from any corner of an area from your desk, car, airport or any other place.

The speed of the applications such as GeoVision’s GV-Eye and HikVision VMS-4500 is pretty quick and it also has a live video feed streaming facility from your security guards desk from any place at any time. You will be able to gain access to any security cameras at virtually within seconds and stream videos on your mobile or android device. As a business owner you can get access to any of your security cameras whenever you feel like.

Video feed from a DVR or NVR or from the IP camera itself can be streamed on your iPhone. How far your device is from your security cameras will decide how good the quality of the video you receive will be. The frame rate and the network speed at a current period of time will also determine how clear your recordings are and how quickly and without interference you can receive them.

These days most of us are busy in our daily life, working 24X7 as well as travelling but this mobile and iPhone application makes it convenient to track down the activities in our work places or homes, via the installed security cameras on the go. This is very convenient and you have the ability to track down all activities just by a click of a button if you know how to use these updated and user friendly apps.

The apps are so designed that it can control multiple cameras at a time. With these mobile applications you can also make use of the Pan Tilt Zoom of robotic cameras at ease. That is, even while sitting miles away from the installed security cameras you can control their movement and rotation as well as zoom in and out with just the click of buttons on your mobile phones or android devices and iPhones.

Versatile iPhones with Potent Android Applications Offer Better Security2

The application software are so designed that they can effectively be used for large areas and they can also be controlled from your mobile phones from far places. Now with this advancement in technology you need not worry about searching recording and depending on your security person for getting a peak at the recordings. Just by these applications you can stream any recording at any point of time right on your android mobile phones or your iPhones.

These days it is not enough to install security cameras it is essential to keep a track of it once in a while. Why leave everything in the hands of your security person alone? Take the responsibility on yourself and track down movements in your workplace or your home from anywhere.

For all this all you need to know is the right kind of application to use on your mobile phone and connect them it to your compatible CCTV and track as well as control all its movements right from your phone. It is a perfect way to make ends meet no matter how tight you are on your schedule. These days this technology of such applications available on your android phones as well as iPhone is the trend as it makes things simpler for businessmen specially who need to keep their eyes open and take into account of multiple areas at a time.

So there is absolutely no need for running around here and there anymore. With these powerful android and iPhone applications in security systems they can sit and one place and stream multiple recordings of different places right on their devices without taking help of any third person anywhere. Take control of movements by controlling the movements of all your security cameras no matter which corners and how far you have placed it.

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