UOKOO Wireless Security Camera Nanny Cam

If you are looking for an elegant yet affordable indoor security camera, then the UOKOO Wireless Security Camera Nanny Cam might be the one for you. Apparently, this Nanny Cam from UOKOO is quite popular and in demand due to its overall appearance. Along with its sleek built, it has great features too that may work just as fine for you.

UOKOO Wireless Security Camera Nanny Cam


UOKOO Wireless Security Camera Nanny Cam – Quick Summary

  • 720P HD Resolution
  • Two-Way Audio Communication
  • Advance Video Recording
  • Night Vision Function
  • Dedicated Application
  • Below $50

In the recent times, UOKOO has been categorized as one of today’s most competitive security camera brands. And apparently, this is largely because of the Mini Nanny Cam that stormed out the industry. But while there is nothing really special about the camera, the basic features surprised many homeowners, especially when cost is largely tackled and considered.

It is safe to say that its affordability is one of the largest factors that made the UOKOO Wireless Security Camera Nanny Cam quite in demand these days. Moreover, it is seen that many entry-level users would rather choose this camera instead of the GW Security 5 and FunLux Mini IP Camera.

Although all of these security cameras have the same price range, they all largely differ in appearance, quality, and feature. Accordingly, more and more homeowners are embracing the Nanny Cam due to its overall value and quality. Nevertheless, it is still important for you to note that GW and FunLux are also great brands of security cameras. It is just that on this specific camera range, the UOKOO Nanny Cam has caught the eyes of the many.

On the other hand, it is not to say the UOKOO has perfected the product. Hence, you could still expect a few issues and concerns about this Nanny Cam. Remember, all products, even outside the security camera sector, have their respective issues and drawbacks.

Even so, let’s look at the probable reasons why UOKOO Security Camera Nanny Cam has been receiving a lot of attention and praises lately.

White or Black? Does it matter?

UOKOO Wireless Security Camera Nanny Cam 2

As mentioned, the overall appearance of the said security camera is one of the top reasons why most homeowners go for it. In fact, consumers may choose between white and black tones of the camera. So, whether you like it black or white, you are free to choose. But, it does not matter at all since the features and functions remain the same.

Apparently, the overall built of the Nanny Cam is quite sleek and elegant. Some would recommend the black edition since this gives more elegance to any home. Others, however, would find the white edition much more appealing, especially for homeowners who want a minimalistic appearance and style.

Nevertheless, the color editions are not the only basis for its total appearance. The camera itself is very portable and small. You can actually place it anywhere in the house. And whether you like it standing freely on a flat surface or you want it hanging upside down, you are free to do so.

But, keep in mind that the UOKOO Security Camera Nanny Cam is strictly an indoor type of camera. Hence, placing it on outdoors like your porch and garden is not very advisable. This is because, as an indoor camera, the casing is not equipped with waterproofing and weatherproofing applications.

Some consumers would take this as a drawback of the product since there are other cameras of the same range that are applicable for both indoor and outdoor use. One good example is the GW Security 5. In this case, the GW Security 5 is considered to be much more functional when it comes to the overall built, especially if you are considering the versatility of placement and installation of the camera.

Nonetheless, for users who prefer indoor cameras with great appearance, the UOKOO Nanny Cam may be the best option for you.

Tackling About The Camera Quality

The camera quality of the Nanny Cam is pretty decent. But not as great as the ones you may experience from its current competitors like Funlux and RLC. If you are to get the latter, you can experience up to 4-megapixel 1440P resolution rating. But, if you would choose to get the Nanny Cam, you can experience a decent quality of 720P resolution HD rating at 30 feet per second.

This is probably the biggest drawback of the camera if you are considering other cameras as well. Even so, this is still great for entry-level users who just want a basic setup of a security camera in their respective homes. And as what they would always say – you get what you pay for.

  • Camera Functions

Naturally, when choosing a security camera, you would surely get the ones with the highest and finest qualities when it comes to the camera itself. And you may be wondering now why the UOKOO is making its noise even if it only provides a 720P resolution. In actuality, the features alone of the Nanny Cam are already enough basis as to why many homeowners would choose this.

And in parallelism to the quality of the camera, it apparently features great night vision functions. The Nanny Cam is equipped with super IR LED that has a capacity to reach even up to 20 feet of distance. Moreover, it does not emit any light pollution that may disturb or distract the subjects in the area of surveillance.

Along with the super IR LED, it also comes with an IR-Cut Night Vision. This feature allows the camera to automatically switch the color tones when it captures a low-light environment. For dimmer areas, the picture would change to black and white tones which pretty much gives a much clearer viewing for users. But, this is largely a preference that you can change anytime. In fact, you can disable the IR-Cut and LED so that it won’t change the color tones.

As for its pan and tilt functions, the Nanny Cam may provide up to 355 degrees of horizontal perception and 120 degrees of vertical rotation. Many actual users would even attest that they never miss a spot when they try to experience using the pan and tilt features.

In addition, the camera also comes with an intelligent digital zoom feature. This is highly adjustable and controllable through the dedicated application of the Nanny Cam.

  • Accompanying Camera Features

Another feature of the camera that is quite on-point is the Motion Detection. Just like any security camera of today, it captures and detects motions that happen on a daily basis. But, unlike its competitors, it does not get the slightest detail of the motion. Nevertheless, it pretty much gives a decent quality of motion detection.

Now, the captured motions are sent through the dedicated application of the Nanny Cam. It sends copies on your email and on the app inbox as well. Hence, you can always monitor the subjected area even if you are not around.

Alongside these camera features, users are also allowed to have an advanced video recording. This feature is very unique as other security cameras do not have it. And it is also considered as an advantage for the Nanny Cam. Using an SD Card, you can record, store, and review video footages. The minimum requirement for the SD Card is rated at 8 GB. You can also choose to have a 64 GB SD Card which is actually the maximum capacity.

Communication Platforms

For a price that falls below the 50-dollar mark, it is pretty surprising that the UOKOO Nanny Cam has a two-way audio feature. Other security cameras of the same level rarely have this feature. And this is actually quite an up point for UOKOO.

At the back of the camera, you would see a bubbly system that serves as the speakers of the camera. Through this system, you would hear the one who is talking to you using the dedicated application. Also, this is where the microphone is located wherein, if you are the person in the subjected area, you can speak freely and communicate back to the user and owner of the camera.

In the dedicated application, there are options and modes that you can turn on when you want to communicate. The Intercom Mode will activate the speakers which would then allow you to speak or command. As for the Hands-Free Mode, this option will allow you to communicate in two ways which would then establish a platform wherein you could communicate with the person or pet on the other end.

The One Application To Manage Them All

The dedicated application of the UOKOO Nanny Cam is called the iSmartViewPro. You can download this application on Google Play and Apple Appstore. Hence, this means that the application is compatible with Android and iOS devices. And if you want to use a tablet or laptop, you are free to utilize them as the application is quite working well with these gadgets.

The thing that makes the dedicated application great is that it is actually a general application. So, there are fewer system requirements when downloading it. Also, there are no apparent and recurring issues when using it. Accordingly, actual users are seen to enjoy the application along with the camera.

Due to the effectivity of the application, it is also an advantage for the Nanny Cam. This is because an efficient and effective application means an effective monitoring is largely possible.

Additionally, users are allowed to view one camera in four different devices at the same. So, if you have different gadgets and you want them all to be connected to your camera, you are in luck since UOKOO allows this kind of system. Furthermore, if you have four Nanny Cams in your house, you can view all of these cameras at the same even if you are using one gadget only.

Struggling To Set It Up?

Consumers today would largely consider the convenience and challenges of installation and setup of a security camera. Normally, this factor plays a huge role in most buying decisions. Accordingly, this may be one of the biggest reasons why UOKOO has been receiving a lot of good reviews today.

By and large, the UOKOO Wireless Security Camera Nanny Cam is very easy to set up. And since it is wireless, users would no longer need to struggle with the wiring and cabling requirements. As a matter of fact, the camera features a one-button setup. When this button is pressed upon the unboxing of the package, it would automatically find the nearest and strongest internet connection. And when once it is connected, it is good to go for surveillance.

But, users would need to download the dedicated application while doing the whole process of setup and installation. This is because all of the configurations and adjustments are all located on the dedicated application. The platform is very easy to understand. Although, some buyers and users would refer to the instruction manual that is included as well in the package.

Package Inclusions and Offerings

UOKOO Wireless Security Camera

The UOKOO Wireless Security Camera Nanny Cam package comes with one unit of the Nanny Cam, one Instruction Manual, one wall charger, a wall mount, and a mounting bracket set. And with these inclusions, users have the choice to mount it on walls and ceilings.

UOKOO offers other types of Nanny Cam packages and bundles as well. There is this one package that comes with a tripod which most buyers and users are really praising. Not only that is it very durable, it is also appealing referring to its appearance. It is seen that the inclusions complement that camera itself.

But, to avail the said package, there is a need for the buyers to shell out a few tens of dollars more.

All in all, the UOKOO Wireless Security Camera Nanny Cam might be the best option for you if you are looking for a very versatile, functional, and good-looking security camera. But, if you want a security camera that could deliver more, then this might not be the one you need for the moment.

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