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Home security is a topic that is often either neglected or paid less attention to. Whereas this aspect of life is not just a mode to keep your house safe, secure and away from burglars but also helps in imparting you a carefree lifestyle along with immense peace of mind. A tight home security offers not just a secure residing place but also enhances your overall quality of living. This task might seem a hassle but if paid sincere attention to a few important instructions can help you install the best possible measures within and around your house that would render you a secure environment to the core.

The Ultimate Guide to Home Security

Following is a guide that will highlight all the aspects of home security and offer exclusive security measures by which you can keep your house protected to the core. It will initially highlight the areas where your home might fall weak in the sphere of security and then offer you security measures suiting the loopholes.

  What are the various kinds of security systems?

There are various kinds of security systems and picking one amongst these can be confusing. Making sure that your home is secure and safe and its valuable items are safe can be a tedious task.

  • Monitored Security System:

This kind of alarmed system of security is used to alert a calling center and in case the alarm gets triggered then the calling center will intimate the police of the area.

  • Unmonitored Security System:

Another addition to the list is the unmonitored security system. This security system sets out an extremely loud alarm in and out of the house whenever the alarm is tripped. With the help of this alarm system, your neighbors can call the police in case you are not at home. With this kind of system, you need not pay any monitoring fees which make this extremely affordable. You can also get this system incorporated along with flashlights that will add on to the safety features.

This will also help the nearby public to know as to where the alarm siren is being produced from. Mostly the loud sounds produced will be sufficient to let the people know about the happenings but the sound attached will only make it more effective.  The only attached disadvantage is the fact that there must be someone or the other to at least pay heed to the produced emergency alarm.

  • Wireless Alarm Security System:

The local hardware stores located in close vicinity can be approached to purchase a wireless security alarm system. There are incorporates pros as well as cons with this option as well. These wireless security systems are extensively easy to be installed. There are no extra monitoring charges incorporated and you also have the liberty of choosing the setting of your desire and requirement.

For instance, there are options for you to choose from beams, cameras, sensors as well as motion detectors. And the incorporated disadvantages are that these security items work on batteries which require being replaced from time to time which can seem as a hassle.

  • Home Alarms with Electric Current:

Home alarms with electric current are one system that has its own advantages as well as disadvantages like all the other modes of security. These are generally used to impart security to homes during the times when homes are being built. This system exclusively monitors the doors as well as the windows and sends across a tiny beep as and when these are opened. These are of extreme importance but kids must be kept away from such systems. One attached disadvantage is that the outside current of the system can be influenced by thunder and lightning.


Home security starts at the surroundings itself. These days we find almost all the homes in the surroundings surrounded with security fence. But do we pay much attention to the kind of fence that we install? Well, not exactly. We often tend to have a notion that any fence is better than no security fence at all. Hence without much of research and knowledge, we install any kind that we come across. Fences are the first defending tools that burglars or thieves need to cross.

a security fence

Let us know how to get a good fence to help you protect your residing place from thieves and burglars?

You must look for a security fence that:

  1. Provides no hiding space – A hiding place can prove to be fatal later so you should make sure of having a security fence that doesn’t provide any hiding space to the burglars. Rather you can have a fence that lets you see through with clarity. Hence, you can have clearer distant view as well.
  1. Cannot be climbed with ease – To have a security fence that is extremely troublesome to climb you must keep the following in mind:
  • Keep it at least eight feet high – The taller a security fence is the better it is for your home security. This will keep your home highly safe at the very initial stage. Before deciding a height for your house fencing you must keep in mind the rules that the associations of the cities and homeowners have set and accordingly you can fix up a height for your fence.
  • Must have horizontal rails and pointed or a spiked top portion – While possessing a spiked or sharply pointed top it can be extremely difficult or almost impossible for anyone to cross it. You can avail varying options here such as flat-topped fencing, anti-climbing spikes, razor wire fencing etc.
  1. Is difficult to bypass – No security fence can be considered a good one if it gets easily breached by a burglar. You must pick a security fence that is securely and concretely embedded into the ground. Having a concrete fence along the entire footing is the best one to possess. The security fences must have a heavy-duty gate that must perfectly match the security level of the fence. You can also have the gates padlocked.


 These days we find a wide variety of doors as well as door locks that help you keep your home and family safe. There are also a huge amount of electronic systems installed on doors of houses in order to impart enhanced security to houses. There are many such electronic doors and locks found available in the market. Let us have a detailed look at the working process of these locks.

security door

Methods of entry – There are various ways for entry while using electronic doors such as Keypads, Bluetooth, Biometric as well as RFID.

  • Keypads:

In the initial years, there were various home security systems that use to use electronic door lock with keypads used for entering purpose. One could use a keypad to enter by putting a password pin number. These keypad security systems are still very much being used but the newer ones being developed are mostly being provided with panels having touchscreen provision in spite of possessing old buttons. These locks help you keep a code to keep your home safe and secure from burglars etc.

  • RDFI:

Also, known as Radio Frequency Identification this kind of lock uses a card or a key fob for the purpose of entering. By using this modern technology the key fob might not be required to be removed from your bag or pocket or purse. Hence, you can be saved from all the hassles of fumbling during the dark and no troubles will be ever faced even if you have your arms full of household stuff.

  • Bluetooth:

There are security doors available which can be operated via another latest technology. You can operate such doors via using your smartphone. The door in such a scenario senses the Bluetooth ID of your smartphone and opens up when you tend to approach it. Most of the RFID, as well as Bluetooth ID security systems, use a secondary method of the electronic system of entry in cases when either your cell battery dies or you by any chance lose the key fob or your mobile phone.

  • Biometric:

Biometric system of entry uses fingerprints to unlock a door. If this feature is available on either your laptop or your cell phone then you can understand the working. All that needs to be done is programming your fingerprint as well as the fingerprint of the individuals you want to have access to your home lock. By this, the system will know as to when and for whom to unlock the door.

  • “Smart” Electronic Locks:

There are various locks that can be opened up randomly via using an app. These door locks will integrate with the automatic system of your home for protection as well as security.

  • Privacy Sets for Doors:

These kinds of locks are cylindrical locks that are used for interior doors. These are in general fitted into a door that is pre-drilled and can be locked using a simple turnaround with a push button. These kinds of security locks can be easily opened using a key well within the door know. These door locks are mostly inserted inside the door in half an inch.

Therefore, these are not the most secure options available. But these knob style security locks are quite popular and are also extremely affordable and easy to install. In order to enhance the security of your home, you can club these up with latches or deadbolts.

Doors being the first most point of entry of the house must be protected and reinforced. You can do the same via following some easy measures:

  1. To make sure that the hinges of all the doors of your house are on the inside portion is a good start. If the hinges are on the outer side of the house then they remain open to the burglars for further access.
  2. You must replace the striking plate of the door of your house on a frequent basis. A striking plate of a door is a rectangular metal plate on the inner side of the door. Inside this plate, the deadbolt or the latch of the door is attached or inserted when it is being shut. Whenever someone enters your home, the strike plate is the part that gets affected and worn out with time. Hence, replacing it is the best possible solution.
  3. Installing a firm security film on the glass panes is another measure that you can follow. Doors that have a whole lot of security panes look beautiful but are extensively easy to compromise with. A thin glass can be easily broken even with just a miniature jerk but if you install a strengthened and firm film of glass layer then the burglar will require to put in extra efforts to break through. Therefore, installing security panes on your doors are important.
  4. Thoroughly keep a check if the doors of your house firmly fix inside the frame provided. This is important as the burglars might try to break through if the fittings aren’t concrete. They can try to insert a tool similar to a crowbar in the leftover gap between the frame as well as the door to skillfully open it.
  5. Get your french doors reinforced. French doors are the fancy doors but they come with a number of security flaws. These french doors incorporate glass panes that are vulnerable and hence these require to be reinforced.
  6. You can try putting a bar on the sliding doors of your house. Sliding doors mostly possess an extensively ineffective mechanism of locking hence you must pay extra attention to secure these. One method that can be opted to protect these is by adding a lock that bolts vertically onto the ground as well as the top frame. You can also cover it with a security film.

 Advanced security doors

The best way to ensure security in one’s house is by replacing the ordinary doors with advanced security doors. Advanced doors are nothing but a door fixed with sensors at the right points and efficient locks that cannot be broken. By keeping such doors one automatically reduces half the risk of getting robbed as the thief cannot break into the house through doors or windows. Such sensors can be added to the door by spending a few bucks and choosing a good sensor that is efficient enough. Once the sensors are installed, the whole house is secured.

Whenever anyone tries to breach the doors or the windows, the sensor starts the alarm making sure that all the people in the house are informed of the breach and can take the correct actions. There is a lot of variety when it comes to such sensors. There are those that require no maintenance but need to be replaced after a specific time. Then there are those that need high maintenance but have a low cost. All the sensors have the same function of informing the residents of the breach but their cost and maintenance are what differs.

Advanced doors are nothing but a door fixed with sensors

How to install such sensors?

Such sensors are really easy to install. One uses an adhesive to fix one part on the door and the other part of the frame. Whenever the door is opened a signal is sent to the residents. If it is opened through force an alarm starts blazing through the house waking everyone up and scaring off the thief.

The advantages of using such a sensor are:

  • Such sensors work instantly and send the signal as soon as the door is opened making it very safe and fast than other methods of home security.
  • Such sensors do not require a lot of effort in installing. It is a simple process that can be done by one. No mechanics are required. This makes this one of the simplest yet effective methods of home security.
  • House alarms, cameras, and other home security methods cost a lot and cannot be afforded by all people. Such sensors come at low costs that are affordable by all. The low-cost factor makes it one of the best methods.

Where there are pros there are always some cons. In this situation, the disadvantages of having a security door are:

  • If the sensor installed is faulty it might not work at all times and might fail to alarm the residents at the time of the robbery. The only way to know if a sensor is faulty is by putting it to use which might be a bit dangerous and a big risk.
  • If the thief knows a lot about technology, they can deactivate the sensor without even trying to open the door. They might simply break it if it is of low quality.
  • Some sensors which are of really good quality require a lot of maintenance like regular checks and replacements which may increase the overall cost making this method expensive.

All in all, this method is an efficient and affordable method of home security that can be installed by oneself without the help of a mechanic.


 Another important aspect in the field of home security which is most often overlooked is the windows of your home. Thieves, as well as, burglars often get easy access to your home via doors or varying windows so in case you have a concrete door for your home but the windows are yet not completely protected your home is still not completely safe as these home windows are the weakest point of entry. If you set up a tight security at this initial stage of entry to your house then no burglar will ever find it easy to break into your house.

windows for home security

  • Reinforced Glass Windows:

You can have your house windows reinforced in various methods with several security materials. One of the various methods is to reinforce it using tempered glass which is extremely durable than the typical traditional glasses which in turn get extremely difficult to break and surprisingly these kinds are quite inexpensive options. Although you might find them a little costly when compared to the reinforced glass panes! A laminated form of glass is also popularly called known as safety glass which is another brilliant example for the security of your house.

Laminated glasses are the glasses which incorporate a slim layer of vinyl clubbed between the glasses of regular glass layers. With such a security glass a thief or burglar will have to skillfully strike on the same spot with repetition which would create a hell lot of noise, in turn creating awareness in all surroundings as well as the family members. Thus, your home can be secured from an attack. You can also incorporate a glass barrier with wire mesh or a glass which is bullet resistant to impart extra security but these forms of security glasses are extensively pricey and you might as well want to install something much affordable.

  • Plexiglas Windows and Polycarbonate Windows:

Plexiglas windows are also known as Acrylic windows that are made up of plastic. These windows are of the similar thickness as the typical traditional glass with imparting ten times more strength. Polycarbonate once, on the other hand, is much more expensive but impart an extremely enhanced security. These security windows are two hundred and fifty times more impact resistant than the safety glasses and around ten times much more strong than the acryl windows. 

  • Windows with Bars:

The market these days offer decorative security windows with bars that you can customize as per the decor of your home. While the bars of iron that are installed can provide concrete security and make your window burglar and thief resistant. With such windows, the burglars or thieves have nearly no access to your home via these windows. Most of the people do not wish to have these bars installed as it gives a feel of staying in a prison but these decorative customizing options can help you keep these windows beautiful.

  • Alarmed Windows:

The market today offers a whole lot of options of windows with alarms. There are simplified windows with alarms with sensors which help the owner detect whether the window is sealed or broken. This mode of alarm gets the burglars flee far away from your place.

  • Windows with Locks:

One should never underestimate the strength of a typical window lock. Varying kinds of window locks including deadbolts and various other kinds are extremely brilliant. Amongst these locks, the ones that are rated best are the hefty locks that are visible from a distance. You can also check out the window pin security lock that is simple yet power-packed as well as affordable and effective to a great extent.

  • Enhanced locks:

You must always lock your window no matter if the lock is not an extremely developed one. This is because a burglar generally doesn’t desire to break the glass. As this activity might produce a lot of noise burglars generally tend to avoid this step.

  • Install a Security Film:

Installing a safe, secure security film will make your window glass harder which would make it strong enough to not to be broken easily. Also, this might make the process extensively noisy informing the members around immediately.

  • Thorny bushes nearby windows:

Plants can be extremely important while providing secure windows. You can consider planting thorny bushes nearby the windows of your house such that access to the window of your house is not as easy as the burglar expects. Also, the burglar might leave torn clothes, blood as well as blood which would further help you to track the burglar later.

  • Shutters as well as Curtains:

Using curtains and shutters will keep the burglar away from peeping into your house while planning an attack. Burglars generally tend to peen in a house with the help of windows to have a rough idea of how much a particular house offers. Hence, using a shutter or a curtain is a good idea to keep safe.


When one thinks about home security, they tend to ignore the Garages and the Sheds assuming – what’s there to steal in a Garage? Well, there might be many expensive items that could be stolen from anyone’s Garage or Shed. With the increasing rate of robbery, it would not be a shock if someone steals your car from your garage itself. So to prevent the happening of such events one needs to ensure proper garage and Shed security.


One of the easiest and simplest methods to avoid burglary in your garage is by covering your windows. Since the garage doors are difficult to break, the windows are what the robber’s target. To prevent the breaking of a window one can easily use good quality windows that can’t be broken. Furthermore, robbers have a habit of checking a property before stealing, so if the windows are covered then they will not be able to get an idea of what’s there in the Garage.

One can put security cameras in the garage to ensure more safety. They can install alarms which go off when the garage door is tampered with. With the advancement of technology, one can even use the motion detector alarms which inform the residents whenever there is an unexpected movement in the Garage.

Some advantages of installing such security systems in the Garage are:

  • If the thief notices the garage security system like cameras and alarms then he will get an idea that the whole house is bugged with alarms and with the increased risk of getting caught he might just back off and not Rob the house at all.
  • With such security one can store even valuable objects in the Garage which otherwise take up a lot of space in one’s house. One can use the Sheds to store something more than just a lawn mower or a rake.

However, such security systems in the Garages and Sheds have a greater list of cons than pros. The disadvantages are:

  • Setting up such a system means incurring an extra and additional cost which might not be preferred by many families. Cameras and alarms cost a fortune when one chooses quality products which might not be an economical thing to do.
  • The security system might detect the movement of some insect or give a false alarm to the residents making it difficult to have faith in such systems.
  • It might happen that the owner themselves get locked out of the garage in case the keys are lost. In such a case, the alarms and sensors can be a huge hindrance in their way while they are trying to break in their own Garage.

 The garage, as well as, the shed of your house serves as a place to store various extremely expensive belongings that you would want to keep safe, secure as well as far-far away from the reach of thieves and burglars. Your expensive cars, motorcycles, motor vehicles, pool tables etc. needs to be kept in extreme security such that you can have a breath of relaxation while staying away as well. These sheds, as well as garages, can conveniently serve as a hiding place as well for thieves and burglars and your house can be an easy access while you keep away for vacations. Sheds and garages are mostly neglected and are kept less secured than the houses which allow the burglars an easy access to expensive items.     

  • Keep the windows covered:

Burglars look for the easiest access to get into the house while having a plan to attack and this is when the windows of the sheds as well as the garages come into the picture. You can use window panes that are frosted to keep your garages and sheds safe. You can also use windows with bars such that security level is topmost.

  • Install a security monitor within your garage:

You can always install a security system in your garage such that you can keep a close check of all the happenings in the garage. You can install sensor monitors or cameras within your garage such that you can have access to all the happenings of your belongings from anywhere.

  • Ensure secure and concrete doors:

You must ensure a brilliantly concrete door which is extensively difficult to be accessed by a burglar. You can have a door that has multiple locks incorporated with varying security systems including padlocks as well as deadbolts with varying combinations. You can have such doors which are extensively durable, brilliantly sturdy and made up of security materials such as strong metal, solid wood as well as fiberglass. If your garage or surrounding shed is attached to your home and offers access within then you require taking extensive security measures to protect these places even more.

In such a case you require to even provide security measures to protect the door that leads from the garage or shed to your house. This door must be lockable along with a much-enhanced security system. You must treat this door with similar importance as the main door of your house. You can consider a security code to be programmed for the entry purpose.

  • Motion Detection Lights:

Motion detectors play an important role in home security as it intimates the members of the house in a silent way. This is another excellent means to keep your garage and shed protected from the access of burglars and thieves. You can install sensor lights all around the garage and shed location. These motion sensors use infrared waves that are crafted to detect the body temperature as well as moving objects.

When any kind of movement is detected such as animals, humans or cars or any warmth is identified such as fire etc. a bright light turns on and remains that way for a specific period of time. This bright light can have the attention of the owner as well as the surrounding neighbors imparting a concrete security.


Dogs are wonderful creatures and are said to be a person’s best friend. They are the most loyal animal on this planet and can go to any extent to protect their owners. One never feels lonely if they have a dog as their pet because they are little bundles of joy that spread love wherever they go. One of the many perks of having a dog is that at night when everyone in the house is asleep, they guard the home of any unwanted guest. Dogs that have been specially trained to protect homes from theft are called guard dogs.

Dogs are wonderful creatures and are said to be a person’s best friend

The advantages of having guard dogs as a home security system are:

  • When a thief tries to enter a house at night, dogs start barking on them. This makes the thief gather unwanted attention and alarms the owners of the house as well as the neighbors that they have an unwanted guest visiting.
  • A large of proportion of human beings is scared of dogs. So when a thief gets to know that a house is being guarded by a dog, he does not attempt a theft at that house and moves on to the next one.

Guard dogs have been found to have some disadvantages as well, some of them are:

  • Many dogs bark at everything every time. No one likes an alarm which goes off every time as the only thing worse than not alarming at right time is giving false alarms all the time. This way the credibility of the dog diminishes and if the dog starts barking because an actual theft happening, no one will pay heed to its alarm and ignore it.
  • Few people are really good with dogs. Some thieves prefer houses with no security system other than dogs as they know they can control the dog very easily.
  • If a guard dog is very well trained and does not come under the control of any stranger easily, then also a guard dog alone is not a good option for a home security The dog can be fed meat containing large amounts of tranquilizers and once the tranquilizers kick in, the house will be left unprotected.
  • Owners have a special connection with their dogs as they are not just pets; they are their owner’s best friend. They often take their dogs on vacation with them which leaves the house unguarded and vulnerable.

All the breeds of dogs can be trained to become guard dogs, but the breeds which are the best at this job are:

  • Bullmastiff
  • Doberman
  • Akita
  • German Shepherd
  • Rottweiler
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback

Dogs are no doubt lovely creatures, but it is not rational to put the responsibility of someone’s house’s security on them. Adopting a dog just for home security would not be the wisest decision as they have flaws which can be easily exploited against them.


The number of robberies happening in a week has been continuously rising in the recent past. One needs to be wise and take precautions in order to protect its house from any kind of burglary. Installing a security alarm system is one of the precautions one can take against any theft from happening.

The process of installation of an alarm system is very easy and the working process is also quite simple. This safety device has sensors in it which can detect if the windows or doors are closed or open. They are connected to the main control panel and when the window or the door is opened, while the alarm is on, it goes off and alarms the residents.

a Security Alarm System for home security

The advantages of installing a Security Alarm System for home security are:

  • Appointing a watchman or security guard to protect your house at night is not a feasible option because if there are no movements for a long time, they tend to doze off. Security alarm system makes sure that one’s house has protection 24 hours in a day without the possibility of the security system dozing off.
  • Burglars do want to any attention when they are going about their work. If they enter a house which has an anti-burglary alarm system, the alarm would go off when they will try to enter the house. This would wake everyone in the house and would allow them to call the cops so that the robbery does not take place.
  • There are 2 types of security alarm systems, the wireless alarm system works on batteries. This ensures that even during power cuts, the house is protected.
  • The security alarm systems are portable in nature; they can be easily relocated to a new house. The other advantage of having them is that the house is never left unprotected. They also have a new technology which detects smoke, fire or gas leak and notifies the owner about it.

The disadvantages of installing a security alarm system are:

  • These systems use very advances technologies, therefore the cost of installing a system like this very high. Even after installation, they need to be taken care of properly and require constant maintenance. Thus having a system like this in one’s house is very expensive.
  • Although the possibility of this is not much but the security alarm system can be stolen or damaged. The wireless or the battery oriented alarm system is very easy to steal. If a person is well informed about the alarm systems, he can easily shut it down or damage it so that it does not go off.
  • Sometimes this kind of alarm systems goes off on their own without any movement of the door or the window. There can also be instances of the window being opened by a family member without turning the alarm off or forgetting to switch the alarm on at night.

There are many companies which offer to install security system like this and each of them has their own pros and cons. All in all, having a security alarm system would be a good idea as it does provide security to one’s home.


 Home security has become a major issue in one’s life because the crime rate is on the rise. Having a good security system, such as the security camera system, will ensure one some kind of protection from criminals. These security cameras use high-end technologies which enable them to capture high-quality videos even at night. Although a security camera does not ensure full safety from a crime, it does give a person a sense of security and helps them sleep well at night.

security camera system

Some of the advantages of the security camera system for home security are:

  • Security Cameras somehow manage to reduce the number of crimes committed around it. People get scared of their faces being caught on camera, therefore they try to avoid going near to the camera as much as possible.
  • CCTV cameras record everything which happens in its perimeter. So if a crime is committed near the camera, there are high chances that it might have been recorded. This helps the people and the police gain some important evidence of the crime being committed or the criminal exposing itself in front of the camera.
  • These cameras are very user-friendly and can be placed anywhere in and outside one’s house. Apart from preventing crime, these also help one to monitor whatever happens inside and outside their house.
  • One of the most important advantages of having a camera is that it helps one keep a record of whatever the person has done and what time. This helps a lot when a dispute occurs between two people due to some misunderstanding, as then the person with the cameras installed can put forward the footage containing the cause of the dispute and solve the misunderstanding.

The disadvantages of installing a security camera system are:

  • Since security cameras use the latest technology, they are very expensive to buy. In fact, the cost of maintenance of the security camera system is also very high making it unaffordable for the people who earn a modest income.
  • The security camera which one installs at its home should be of the latest technology because nowadays hackers have become very active. Since cameras are something which can be hacked easily, if one uses outdated cameras they will become vulnerable to these hackers, these hackers, therefore, will be able to monitor each and every movement of the person.
  • Installing a security camera system does not actually ensure a theft from being happening. What it does is that one gets a proof of the theft happening which helps the cops to catch the criminal.

Installing a CCTV camera within your house can also work extremely well when it comes to the security of the place. You can have access to the live videos anywhere that you wish to. This leads to a safe and secure surrounding as well if you have cameras installed outside your house to get a perfect view of the fencing, garden as well as the main entrance which will let you continuously monitor the entrances as well as the exits of individuals.

Many times the burglars or thieves are smart enough and tend to destroy the security cameras installed in and around the house. Well, you can be smarter than that and install hidden cameras within your house such that no burglar can ever have even the slightest hint that his whereabouts are being recorded. There are various methods that can be used to hide a security camera within the house.


 Exterior security lighting might be the only home security system which, along with the additional security, adds to the beauty of the house. An exterior security system looks very pretty at night when it is on and makes the house stand out in a neighborhood which does not have this system installed in their house. This system has been proven to drive away a lot of burglars from carrying out a theft at someone’s house. Commercial premises have been using this system for a very long time and have found to be quite effective.

Exterior security lighting

The advantages of installing an exterior security system for home security are:

  • It gives a sense of security to the residents of the house and helps them sleep peacefully at night.
  • Although the outdoor lights look pretty when it is on at night, the electricity bill might shoot up because of this. Therefore a new exterior light has been invented which is installed with a motion sensor. If it detects motion, the light turns on, thus alarming the neighbors and the owners of the house about the burglar.
  • If someone has a garden with fruits and flowers, there are high chances that rabbits and raccoons might feed on them at night. The lights ensure that they are scared to enter the premises and prevent the garden from being destroyed.
  • Another thing which the exterior light does is that it increases the market value of the property. It also allows to residents to move anything outside their house at night.

The disadvantages of installing exterior lighting systems are:

  • The exterior does make the house look pretty and increases its market value, but it does not add much to the security of the house. Thieves can easily enter the house and go about their work if no one is awake or if they have not been spotted by anyone.
  • Having an outdoor lighting system means that the premises of the house will be lit with lights all night long. The electricity bill of the house will increase drastically because of the lights being on all night.
  • The motion sensing exterior light is a solution to the high electricity bill problem, but since the lights are placed outdoor, there will be a lot of movements outside which will trigger the lights on all the time.

The exterior lighting system in itself is not the most secured system which one can install its house. But if someone installs it along with another security system, like the security alarm system, then it would be one of the best combination for home security system. It would help the neighbors and the residents to spot the thief and will also alarm them if the thief tries to enter the house.

What are the basic measures to enhance your home security? – The Perfect Guide

The first and foremost initiative towards your home security is to first gather information about the weaknesses. And the best way of doing it to view it considering yourself a criminal. From the out of the fence to the inside of your house, you need to monitor it all in order to provide the best possible security. Two important factors while considering the perfect home security are as follows:-

Visibility – Burglars often tend to plan attacks in darkness such that their activities are hardly noticed. They often target places that impart enough hiding space with dim lights. Also, if your home surroundings have a lot of trees then it might be easier for the burglars to plan attacks. If you pay attention to these little factors then it is sure to become easy for you to install the appropriate measures securing your home to the core. Having a well-lit home surrounding with trimmed trees might help as well. You can also consider installing light sensors which would help you locate the activities of a stranger.

Sound – Sound is now an additional factor here to keep your home safe and secure. Every burglar opts for a silent house to attack. A silent house lets the burglar attack in peace, plan as well as execute criminal activities in peace without interruptions. While on the other hand, the burglars are highly discouraged by any noisy home. This noise can be some barking of a watchdog or an alarm system. These noises keep the burglars far away even from peeping within your house. Hence, a watchdog or an alarm is the first step to keep the burglars intimidated.

Price – Price is by far the most important factor for considering the type of home security system. Having the right budget for the right setup shall come to your rescue. You should read the article well and then come to a consensus as to which type of home security would suit your pocket and not drill a hole into it and at the same time give you a sound and secured sleep.

Law in the State – Monitoring or keeping a watch on people without their knowledge maybe against the law of certain states, so being aware about the same is important so as not to violate the same. Some people install security and spying systems to keep a watch on their spouse or children, this may also not be accepted as per law. You may need to check out what all are permitted as per the prevalent laws in your state.


Home security is one aspect that must be paid extreme attention to. Safety should be a number one concern of each and every house in today’s world as robbery has increased manifold. Using such system does not ensure complete security but does give a sense of relief to the residents of a house who sleep peacefully at night without worrying. Security has become a necessity as important as shelter, clothes, and food. One should definitely implement these methods of home security even if they cost a bit too much, as safety is an important aspect of life.

After going through the entire guide you must be quite aware of the various security measures offered. Having secured doors, windows, and a concrete fencing is common and well-known but to stay protected to the core 24*7 you must keep your home surroundings well lit and protected by some sort of sound, for instance having an alarm installed or keep a watchdog. These measures can keep your home safe from the initial point of entry. Hence, keep the details in mind, go through the guide well to incorporate measures and keep the safety of your home and loved ones at priority.

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