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In this fast moving and busy world today it is a necessity to keep track. It is highly essential to keep a track of the movements in and out of one’s house and also in case of offices. How else can you do that effectively if not with a CCTV camera? A CCTV camera would ensure the security and safeguard the integrity of your home or workplace. So here we offer you one of the best security cameras available in the market in 2016. This Samsung Sdc-7340 Bc is something that you can look out for; it can give you some accurate and clear visuals around. This is by far the best high resolution security camera by Samsung as per the ratings of the users. It is brought along with a Samsung AC adapter SEA-B123 and batteries are included in the package itself.

Samsung Sdc-7340 Bc 960h High Resolution Security Camera

Product features and specifications

This High resolution Security CCTV camera comes along with a number of attractive features. These features compel the buyer to choose it instead of any other from the wide range of products. Some of the features are:

  • It has a waterproof body which saves the trouble of setting up as no shade is required for this. It can be set up anywhere and can withstand humidity.
  • The temperature resistance is also makes it suitable for shooting at all temperatures and bear adverse environmental conditions.
  • It has a High Resolution 960H camera and 720TVL.
  • Four 60 feet cables are included in the pack for making the connections.
  • This Samsung Sdc-7340 has a very powerful camera which is not just active during the day but at night also gives a very clear, high definition visual image. It has a night vision range up to 82 feet.
  • In this pack a set of 4 cameras are available and these for can be conveniently placed at four different placed and connected by the adaptors.
  • The shipping weight of this device is very less, just about 7.45 pounds which if you consider the number of units it contains is hardly anything.
  • The whole package is very small, measuring 3 x 10.3 x 10.8 inches.
  • The whole package comes at a very reasonable price.

User friendly device

Connecting the device and using it is not as difficult as you think it is. It hardly takes any time to get going. The set up, usage and control all of it is really simple, anyone can fix it and get the CCTV cameras working. All you need to do is follow the manual well, and it will guide you through the process.

Installation is easy

Now you don’t need to wait for someone to come from the company and install your device and set up your CCTV camera for you. Now you can do it yourself. You can just follow a few instructions and the installation is easy and quick. Samsung Sdc-7340 Bc High Resolution Camera is one of those security cameras which will give you the best results at the minimum efforts and in a hassle free way. Initially looping all the cameras might be a little tricky but once you get the drift, you are sorted.

Brilliant Image quality[el561a739fa3ba5]

One of the most attractive features of this device is that it gives a brilliant image quality even in the most testing situations. It can give considerably clear images at the most adverse environments. Even the night vision is very good and can it can measure up to 82 feet at night. And not just that the image is very clear as well. The high resolution images provided by this camera are very clear and detailed and serve your purpose very well.

Waterproof and tough

The waterproof nature of the security CCTV cameras makes it a very durable product and the tough covering makes it resistant to all kinds of environmental conditions. These cameras are weather proof. Hence, these can be used both for indoor and output purposes.

Value for money

In this Samsung Sdc-7340 Security Camera CCTV package 4 cameras are provided at a very reasonable price which anyone can afford. This is something you will hardly get anywhere else. 4 units of such a good product at the price mentioned is something you could only dream of, but now it is a reality.

A complete and light weight package

The package consists of the tiniest units that are necessary for the usage and setup of these Security CCTV cameras. Even the screws and brackets are available along with the adapters and cables for all four cameras are provided in the pack. Along with all these units the package only weighs 7.45 pounds. The lightness of the cameras reduces the troubles of setting up as well.

We would recommend you this (set for 4) Samsung Sdc-7340 Bc 960h High Resolution Security Camera Cctv if you are interested to keep a track of everything that is going around your house at four different corners. This set is reasonable and more effective and convenient than a number of other such cameras used for security purposes. Furthermore the pack offers you 4 cameras together along with all the accessories that need to be used with it at a very convenient price. Especially if you have a low budget for the security purpose then this is the best buy for you. 4 quality products at a minimum price, what more can you ask for?? So we are asking you to buy a set and satisfy yourself.
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Andrew - August 10, 2015 Reply

Hi, Really nice post. samsung device are very excellent. Result very clear. user friendly usage, and more efficient camera. Good specification of this good experience with samsung cctv camera

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Daryl Hunt - March 6, 2020 Reply

Our Samsung SDC 7340 BC camera worked great for a while, but suddenly its picture quality became grainy and colors are posterized. Can anyone offer suggestions on how to remedy this? Is there a way to reset the camera? Thanks!

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