Reolink RLK8-410B4 Home Security Camera System Review

Reolink started to release its debut products and services in 2009. Although the company just started only in the recent years, they have created a name in the world of security system products. The company has reached thousands of consumers in both commercial and residential sectors. And until today, Reolink is pursuing continually their ultimate vision and mission – that is – to give full security and safety to people.

Reolink RKL8-410B4 Home Security Camera System

4.2 out of 5 stars

For years, Reolink keeps on looking for innovative solutions to answer to the call of times. They searched, tried, and tested things to produce quality products.

Today, the range of products is quite large. And these all can be classified into 5 distinct lines: ranging from the classic security systems equipped with several approaches, all the way to the newest cameras that are subjected to different high-tech features.

One of the hottest and newest products that the company is serving to the mass in the recent times is the Reolink RKL8-410B4. Many specialists are considering this security system as one of the most competitive in its line due to the key features and technological backgrounds that it caters.

General Overview to Reolink RKL8-410B4

General Overview to Reolink RKL8-410B4

As most users tend to consider Reolink RKL8-410B4 as one of the competitive home and business security systems being launched by the company, here are the possible reasons why:

  • Convenience

Whether you are a skilled installer or a simple DIY-enthusiast, the new Reolink RKL8-410B4 may help you with the overall setting up. The product is made to be easy to install as the company saw the increasing numbers of the current DIY-enthusiasts.

Aside from this data, Reolink wants to ensure that there will be no hassles and stresses to incur during the initial installation. The product is made convenient which largely attracts many homeowners and business owners today.

  • Efficiency

Actual users and owners of the Reolink RKL8-410B4 are seen to be satisfied with the services and features of the product. The equipped features in the new Reolink RKL8-410B4 are seen to work efficiently when it comes to securing properties.

Initially, the video features of the 4 included super HD cameras are anticipated by many consumers. This is possibly why the product is seen to be effective. In addition, adjustments and configurations are possible as well to suit the needs of every owner and user.

  • Reliability

Alongside the other features of Reolink RKL8-410B4, the screen captures and notification systems are syncing properly with each other. The company made real-time capturing and monitoring possible in their products especially the Reolink RKL8-410B4.

Moreover, you could be notified through applications in real time when something happens. The application and alert system that comes with this have manuals and step-by-step processes for users.

Technology Behind and Key Features

Reolink included numerous specifications and features in this product. Here are the key ones being applied on Reolink RKL8-410B4:

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Reolink RKL8-410B4 is considered to be convenient to use and install because of the ease of use and setup of the product. This is made possible due to the PoE feature or the Power over Ethernet. In setting up the system, users only need one network cable to boot the entire system.

This is also the reason why products of Reolink are normally known as the Plug and Play systems since there is no need for the conventional setups and wire formations. Beginners can also do the whole setup since there are no confusing methods and steps.

Accordingly, DIY enthusiasts are encouraged to instead purchase this product.

  • 1440p Super HD Cameras

Reolink RKL8-410B made its cameras to achieve a high-res 1440p

Conventional cameras have 1080p and 780p resolutions. But, the Reolink RKL8-410B made its cameras to achieve a high-res 1440p. According to the company, Reolink RKL8-410B4’s top key feature is its super HD cameras as they may provide much clearer and sharper images in actual hues which is very much helpful in pinpointing actual occurrences and events.

Additionally, the 1440p cameras have 36 pcs LED lights and innovative infrared radiation which can give a great and clear night visions too.

  • 2TB HD Built-In Memory

The pre-installed memory capacity is 2TB and can be expanded by adding up to 4TB of external HDD. This is an additional feature to the recent security systems since it allows the 24/7 recording and monitoring in totality.

Another feature of this is that you can add up to 8 cameras which can be fully supported by the built-in memory capacity. Users could adjust as well the recording settings if aiming for longer recordings.

  • Local and Remote Access and Notification Alerts

The videos and images captured by Reolink RKL8-410B4 can be accessed in both local and remote ways. For local access, monitors, HD TVs, and other accessories are available for connection. As for remote access, users are allowed to have live streams of footages and videos through applications that can be installed in all smartphones.

The application is an advantage too since users can be notified real-time – anytime and anywhere. Photos and videos can be sent through email or on the application itself. Also, there is a cloud storage wherein videos and images can be saved.

Alerts and notifications are also available whenever there is a risk of danger or suspicious activity in the subjected area or location.

Advantages and Drawbacks


  • Affordable price considering the added features
  • Great quality of the features
  • Durable
  • Easy to setup and install
  • Reliable smartphone application
  • Very clear resolutions of images especially on night visions
  • Application is consistent and connects real-time to users
  • Quality customer services


  • Remote access platforms appear differently for every web browser
  • No labels of motion detection for continuous recording. Users will only know through notification alerts on application

In Conclusion

For a mid-range security system, the Reolink RKL8-410B4 is very recommendable for people who wants to have an affordable type. It includes many features that are usually seen on more high-end security systems. Warranties are available too which are generally rated up to 2 years. Although there are drawbacks when it comes to the remote access, the overall quality of the product is good.

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Michael Schroth - March 4, 2018 Reply

Hi I have a problem with some of my cameras I have the Anran system V4.02.R11.00000115.12201.1307
Built date 2014.
The camera is a Anran 1/4 color AHD camera
Model: AR-306 NW
The camera was working fine than I lost the picture completely some of the other cameras have lost the color images is there a problem with these cameras if not can you please help me rectify this problem.
Regards Michael Schroth- Melbourne Australia

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