Reolink RLC-422W Security Camera Review

The security system industry continues to bloom in the recent times. More and more security system components are being manufactured by different companies. And Reolink is one of them. In fact, they have provided several security cameras on the market including the famous Reolink RLC-422W Security Camera.

Now, if you are wondering why Reolink RLC-422W is one of the top-rated security cameras of today, here is an all-inclusive guide that you may check. It could largely help you out especially if you are looking for a security camera.

About The Reolink RLC-422W Security Camera

3.9 out of 5 stars

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With Reolink’s new addition to their product line, many homeowners are looking forward to experiencing it due to its active movements on the market. However, debates are still on-going whether the Reolink RLC-422W is really a great security camera or just another marketing tactic of the company.

With that being said, you must understand first how it functions and if it’s reliable. It is also important for you to know such things especially when you are looking to buy a new security camera.

How Does the Reolink RLC-422W Security Camera Work?

Quick Summary

  • 5-MP camera with night visions
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Smart Motion Detection
  • Intuitive Smartphone App
  • IP66 Weatherproof
  • Under 200-dollar price range


The Reolink RLC-422W Security Camera markets its 5-megapixel camera to be of great quality. It also features a 3072×1728 resolution for video footages. For a mid-ranged and average type of camera, it’s pretty much a good specification.

While RLC-422W security camera may seem to have great camera specifications, there are times that the camera gives blurred footages. Actual users usually compare it to 4-megapixel cameras and it seems that RLC-422W can only provide a full 3.6-megapixel kind of quality.

As for its night visions, the camera is embedded with 24 infrared LEDs that can reach up to 100 feet (or 30 meters) of vision. If you are looking for a camera that can give you clear night visions, Reolink RLC-422W is a decent one to get.

In addition, the camera features a Varifocal lens with 4-times optical zoom. It can give you details in terms of its images and footages. Also, its autofocus lens can provide a viewing angle of 30-degrees to 100-degrees.

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Wi-Fi Module and Connectivity

The wi-fi operating frequency is rated at 2.4 GHz. But, since it is a dual-band, it can accommodate 5.0 GHz as well. Hence, for homeowners who have wi-fi of either or both frequencies, you won’t have any problem connecting it.

In terms of connectivity, Reolink RLC-422W security camera has 2T2R MIMO antennas. They pretty much provide a strong network signal. Apparently, actual users attest to it since it can still acquire strong and stable connection even if its installed 250 feet away from the router.

The camera is easy to install as well. Due to its wireless functions, there will be no cables and wirings needed. Whether for indoor or outdoor uses, Reolink RLC-422W can be installed anywhere.

Dedicated Smartphone Application

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Users can receive alerts, notifications, and alarms via email and dedicated smartphone application. Accordingly, the app is free and can be downloaded to different smartphones and tablets. It supports both iOS and android for smartphones and tablets. You can utilize your desktop as well. The supported browsers are Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and IE Edge.

Inside the free application, you can easily navigate the features and functions. Although, you have to be patient at times since it exhibits a frozen or black screen to some owners.

But, the good thing about the application is that it can learn your daily movements. Hence, motion detection is quite efficient with Reolink RLC-422W. While it may not feature a 2-way audio unlike other security cameras, the application keeps you updated provided that you don’t lose signal or connection.


The material used in the product is a good kind of metal. It is built to last for years. For some homeowners, they are looking for a 3 to 5-year lifespan. But it largely depends on the location of the camera.

As mentioned, it can be placed either indoor or outdoor. There is a huge chance of a much longer camera lifespan when it is installed inside the house. But, it doesn’t mean that placing the camera on the outdoors will shorten its life. In fact, Reolink RLC-422W has an IP66 Weatherproof feature.

So, for owners who are looking for an outdoor security camera, Reolink RLC-422W can be a great option. The weatherproofing feature is quite reliable since it can withstand any type of weather. Unlike other cameras who don’t have this kind of feature, RLC-422W can still provide footages even on a stormy season.

Cost and Price Range

Most Reolink security cameras are quite affordable. In fact, the RLC-422W falls under the 200-dollar price range which is quite inexpensive considering its camera functions.

Moreover, there is no need for users and owners to run additional costs, especially during installation. Unlike the wired types, RLC-422W doesn’t need any wires and cables. And all of the things needed for the installation is already included in the package.

The only thing that you would need to buy when you plan to choose the RLC-422W security camera is the SD-card. The camera provides a micro-SD card slot. Essentially, it is for saving and recording footages. Without an SD-card, there is no way for you to save your footages which is largely the biggest drawback of the camera as it does not have an accompanying cloud service to store your recordings.

Final Thoughts on Reolink RLC-422W Security Camera

In a nutshell, Reolink RLC-422W is a pretty decent security camera for any homeowner who wants to have their homes be subjected on surveillance. The camera functions are quite good. But, it can be a little blurry during wee hours especially when there is no enough light in the surroundings.

It’s pretty durable too but be sure to be careful still. Also, keep in mind that you will need to buy an SD-card for recording purposes as it does not have a cloud service to store your footages.

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