Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera Reviews

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Nest Cam indoor Security Camera

If we look at the word ‘security’ then we have to think of it in a much broader spectrum. The 21st century may have a lot of glitters but when the sun goes down you might not be as safe as you think, not even in your own home. This is where you will need the services of a top-notch security camera which will not only look after you but your entire family. These are the silent guardians of this era who will help you to keep an eye on everything that goes around your house all day long. The Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera is the modern security camera that you were waiting for which is why we should look at some of its best features which distinguish it from the others.

The beauty of recording all day

The best thing about the product is the fact that when this is installed in your home you don’t have to think twice about the recording. In order to make sure you never miss a moment of footage because of power running out, it has a plugin feature. This particular feature is what contributes to the fact there it never faces any power issues as it is always plugged in when it is on. This is what helps the security camera to record footage all day long meaning you house is under care and surveillance 24 x 7 which is not something you don’t get with many security cameras.

The all-important memory

It is one thing to simply record videos but to also store them so that you can watch it at your convenience and use it when you require is something of a dream. With the Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera, you are assured to get both. This is a camera which comes with really strong cloud algorithm whose particular job is to weed out the correct information especially from false alerts so that you get to know the most pertinent information. They are known for keeping the video history intact and assure you get to see every single bit of the footage without fail every time you want. And all you need to do to get this 24×7 recording is simply subscribe to it and you are ready to get the footage every day.

The power of 1080p

Arguably the most important part of any security camera is having good picture quality and even in this department, this camera doesn’t fail to impress. For starters, with this camera, you are almost certain to view the footage of the highest quality. The main reason for this phenomenon is the fact that they have 1080p which provide for really good picture resolution and assist the camera in streaming really crisp and clear picture all throughout the day without fail. In addition, to this, the camera has 8X digital zooming capabilities which are perfect if you like to see things up close. This feature is responsible for enabling you to check out every single detail with clarity which is essential if you want to keep a close eye around your house. Moreover, the high-quality lens of the camera gives it a much-needed advantage as compared to the other security cameras of similar category.

The various viewing possibilities

This is a security camera which you can place anywhere and yet you will get the best out of it. This is a versatile camera which you can easily put on a shelf and keep an eye on your baby when you leave him alone to attend to your daily chores. Or you can simply put it on a tripod stand and place it anywhere you want in the house to keep a close look on the house. And if you feel the need of going the traditional way of placing it on the wall then that too can be done. This shows how versatile this product is when it comes to placement and opens a multitude of options which is rare to find.

Communication is the key

Have you ever thought of communicating with your loved ones through a security camera because if you haven’t then it’s time to think again. The talk and listen feature of the camera is what makes it unique. It allows you to listen what people are saying and respond to them. This is just perfect if you want sooth your crying little angel without even being in the room.

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

Now it is about time we look at some more details which make this security camera all the more attractive.

  • Looking through the night: it is imperative that your camera should have night vision and that is what you get here. There are 8 infrared LEDs which are there to make sure that you get to see the whole room even in absolute darkness.
  • Motion detection: this camera gives you the right to operate from anywhere and the motion detection feature will not fail to alert you in the event of unauthorized movement around your house via text. To make it more effective, you can use the Nest App to create your own Activity Zones to get more filtered alerts.
  • Making memories: this is one camera which allows you to download clips from the cloud and make your own little films out of it which albeit entertaining, is very effective in a case of legal proceedings.

With positives, there are bound to be negatives which bring us to the part where you see the small problems this camera has.

  • Removing footage: it must be said that if you want to delete certain footage then you will have to uninstall the camera and re-install it which can be a drag at times.
  • Getting hot: some people did complain that the camera was getting hot on being used for even short periods of time which is something that will need to be taken care of.

It is our belief that you should know everything about a product before you decide on it which is why we tried to incorporate every detail in this Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera review. We hope that with all the important information in your hand you will not face any difficulties deciding whether it is the one for you or not.


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