Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera Review

4.4 out of 5 stars

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera 2

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera is a newly launch of Nest after Nest indoor cameras and smoke detectors. Nest has only recently announced the launch of its exquisite outdoor security camera. The design of this product provides it a sturdy built with profound durability for the outdoors. The cable attached to it is about ten feet long that connects to a USB male connector that attaches to a female connector on the other length of the cable making it about twenty five feet long. The kit provided along with this product also includes clips, anchors for walls and screws that are essential for most installations.

Wide Range of View

One of the finest features of this product is the fact that it covers everything that happens around 24/7 and has a video reference ready whenever it is required. The speciality of this camera is it covers a wide range of view through different angles in order to record each and everything without missing out much on detail.

HD Quality Capture

The coverage of the camera is so fine and its quality is great. The camera covers everything through its 130 degree wide angle and is well equipped with glass lenses that allow the coverage quality to be so crisp giving you the picture in 1080p HD.

Instant Alert

One of the interesting characteristic features of this camera is its ability to detect any kind of activity going around and sending an alert for reporting the same. How this works is when the outdoor camera detects any activity going on around it, it automatically sends an alert over phone or e-mail to inform about the situation. This helps to monitor any suspicious activity around the house and also keeps you safe.


The camera is well built with sturdiness to provide good resistance from rain or sunshine. It is not just the camera, but along with it, its cable, and its cord that are also resistant against the weather conditions to help it withstand difficult and harsh climate conditions.

Built-in Speaker & Microphone

Another feature that this product is equipped with is the built in speaker and the microphone that helps in monitoring the process of security check. Thereby, you can talk and listen with the help of this. Thus, this way you can talk to the mail man and ask the person to leave your package at the door without having to worry about encountering some stranger who looks suspicious and might to be up to something.

Install on Magnetic Surfaces

The camera is built in a manner with its accessories such that it requires a simple installation without much hassle as already mentioned in the previous paragraph. You can also stick it to a magnetic surface without having to drill holes into your wall.

Free Nest Aware

Also the product features a free Nest aware trial that enables one to get intelligent alerts and continuous cloud recording that can be very helpful to the user. At the same time, it also enables you to create some activity zones for more precision in obtaining the alerts. You can also make and share clips.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is one of its speciality features that enable the camera to store all your videos in a safe and secure manner that allows the product to be more scientifically advanced. You can store your video history in the cloud that happens to be accessible to you at any point of time for reference.

It can be very easily installed without much worry. All you require to do is mount the camera in your preferred location and then take the cord along the to an outdoor power outlet ensuring that the cord is correctly set up with the inclusion of clips present along the kit present with the cord. This is one of the simplest ways of carrying out the installation. The other way of installation in setting up your outdoor security camera is to drill a hole into one of the exterior walls and thereby connect it to a source of power inside that hides most of the essentials of the cord.

Now coming to the power connectivity for the camera, you should be keen on taking up the right decisions for selection of this factor. You need to first figure out the essential wiring requirement for the house, specifically the ones meant for providing connection to the security cameras. One of the methods that can be taken up in this regard is the usage of a splitter and injector that can be used to draw power to your camera with its connection being linked to a USB adapter. This can be helpful in the smooth functioning of the camera without any trouble.

One of the most important considerations while fixing this camera is its length of the cable that requires to be concealed while installation process to provide a good neat look to the venture. This is important as the cable happens to be an integral part of the camera and is permanently attached to the camera hence requires to be hidden properly.

You might also want to protect your electrical connections and keep it weatherproof by purchasing an electrical box with characteristics such that it is protected against harsh weather conditions. This can be mounted near the camera and used to hide the cables inside. This helps in keeping the look of the installation clean and providing it a presentable looks that is desired as it lies right outside the house.

Brief on the physical attributes of the product:

  • The product has the following dimensions that can characterise as 2.8*2.8*3.5 inches.
  • It has an item weight of about 11 ounces.
  • The shipping weight of the product is about 2.6 pounds.
  • Uses the Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • Available in the colour white wherever you intend to buy it from.

All these features make this outdoor camera perfect for a buy, making it one of the most customer friendly products that are scientifically advanced to suit to the requirements of the buyer and provide a good buyer experience.


  • The camera is large enough and comprises of essential built in characteristics of being watertight that helps the camera to be installed anywhere outside without considering any potential loss due to the weather conditions.
  • The picture quality of the camera is far better than most others of its contemporaries. It has superior night vision that enables the camera to record activities with precision even in the night and this will definitely be ranked better than any other camera with similar purpose.
  • The notifications and alerts provided by this outdoor camera are superlatively instantaneous and help to keep a track of everything with ease.
  • One of the added advantages with this camera is its ability to provide superior live streaming with zero delays. This is one of the marked features of the product as most of such products will have a fine delay of a couple of seconds, however this works just fine without any hassles.
  • Setting up is very easy. All you do is scan the QR code with your Wi-fi and password and thereby it’s connected and works efficiently to suit the requirements.
  • The audio range is quite good. The sound is clear and its two way audio works just fine to keep a check and monitor all activities.
  • The packaging of the product is very nice with hardware inclusion for mounting the camera appropriately. It comes with a kit of twelve screws that is an essential requirement for handling the setting up of the product.


  • The plug is not grounded.
  • The extra long cord becomes difficult to handle and requires to be concealed with extra efforts.
  • The monthly/ yearly subscription fees are a little difficult to handle for most users.


This article provides an overview of the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera that is designed with all the specific features to make cater to your needs appropriately of safety and security with advanced scientific features that provides easy monitoring. If you are planning to purchase an outdoor camera, this is the perfect buy for you to suit your needs and requirements while providing you a great buyer experience.

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