High Resolution Security Camera – Know All About It

Traditionally the approach for security cameras was to protect your house or office with a low resolution VGA device. But with invent of technology, the smartest choice now is to go for a high resolution security camera. This is a device that will make sure that you get to view the live feed with 100% clarity and will not miss a single frame. If your High resolution camera is strong enough, it can even catch a flea entering your house! Moreover, some of the features of this camera ensure that you will be able to view pictures at night and respond well to motion detection. Here are some best security cameras that will help you make a choice.

High Resolution Security Camera1. Samsung High Resolution sdc-7340 Bc Camera

This security camera comes as a set of 4 which you can place anywhere around the house including outdoor locations. The camera has night vision which helps it to work diligently even at night. The night vision view or perimeter of the camera extends up to 82 feet which is not bad for a security camera. Moreover, the 960H high resolution of the camera makes sure that every inch of the house is captured frame by frame. The 720TVL and 60 feet cables take full care of the security at home.
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2. ANRAN High Resolution Security Camera

High Resolution Security CameraThe next on our list comes from the house of ANRAN. The first thing that will make you happy at the onset is the setup system. The setup is pretty straightforward and easy for everyone, even if you are a novice. Moreover, the camera is absolutely waterproof and vandal proof. The user interface of this security system is pretty friendly which adds to the convenience factor. The camera produces crisp image which is a definite advantage. There are also high intensity infrared night vision illuminators that help in providing good images at night and have a range of 150 feet.
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3. ZOSI Surveillance High Resolution Camera System

High Resolution Security CameraAs the name suggests, this is a security system that you can use outside the house. The normal range of the camera at night can go up to 120 feet which is advantageous for the users. The camera is also waterproof meaning that you can safely install it outside the house and has a waterproof level of IP66. The system has the storage capacity of 1 TB which makes it instrumental in storing the crisp images over a substantial period of time. Plus, here the images captured can be easily streamed to your Smartphones, MAC and other smart devices without any hassle. The lens of the product is 4.6mm which makes sure that the camera has maximum coverage.
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Features to look for in a security camera

High Resolution: one of the primary reasons for the increasing popularity of security cameras is the crisp image that you get to see wherever you are. This is done by the high resolution feature. It helps to capture every detail that comes under the radar. You will be able to see minor changes in your surrounding that are not visible to the naked eye. The number of pixels helps us to understand the resolution of the camera and the higher it is, the better the performance. Normally the resolution is 1280 x 800. This will give more clarity to the picture that is being recorded and you will be able to see superior quality pictures. The primary feature of having a good high resolution security camera is that your pictures will also have high resolution, quite naturally. This is especially important for security cameras.

Night vision: you install a camera to secure your house and the most vulnerable time of the day when you need it is at night. Therefore, having night vision feature is a must that cannot be compromised with. This feature helps you to capture pictures at night and that too with proper and crisp imaging. Plus you should have infrared detection which provides additional light to the camera to capture when the visibility is relatively low. These are some of the essentials when considering the security of your house. We all know that a camera with night vision will always deter miscreants and will prove to be invaluable.

Motion detection: the next feature that is sure to make you happy is motion detection. This particular feature makes that the camera will concentrate on a particular sector within the perimeter of the camera’s vision if it detects that there has been some kind of unknown and suspicious activity. You will find that in some cameras you can specify the perimeter for the camera to look for such activities. Moreover, there are cameras that will send email alerts to the owner with video footage as and when it detects some suspicious activity. This helps the owners to know and act judiciously within time to act on such warnings which might prove to be crucial for their house’s safety.

Easy installation: the installation of these high resolution security cameras is pretty easy as they are done online. All you need to do is have at least Internet Explorer which is the platform used most for installation. Plus with the advance of technology you need to know that most of the cameras nowadays are wireless which minimizes the hassles of extra clunky cables.

Weatherproof: the places which need to be guarded the most are generally outside the house like the garage. So you need a camera which can stay there in any weather and that is where these high resolution security cameras are crucial as they are generally weatherproof.


This high resolution security camera article was written with the intention of making you aware of your options when it comes to home security systems. We wanted to tell you the benefits and features of the high resolution security cameras. You have seen how technically sound these cameras are and we would like you take a closer look at these cameras.

With clear images not only during day but also at night this is a formidable camera which can combat burglars and criminals and keep your home safe at all ties. After reading this article we urge you to think of the security that your home needs and whether a high resolution security camera can provide it or not.

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