How to Hide a Security Camera Efficiently without Bringing to Anyone’s Notice

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21st century has seen advancement in crimes, especially thievery and housebreaking. An unrevealed or masked security camera is an effective way to terminate burglaries and housebreaking. Burglars are often seen destroying or disabling the security cameras. One of the major problems faced in such a situation is how to hide a security camera efficiently.

Installing a security camera is important but to conceal it smartly is more important. Burglars in the robbery footage are always seen smashing or disabling the security cameras. Therefore, it’s very important to creatively camouflage the security devices to efficiently avoid crimes and keep your homes safe and secure.

How to Hide a Security Camera Efficiently without Bringing to Anyone’s Notice 2

Why hide the Security Cameras?

There are numerous reasons for one to hide the security cameras. To discuss a few let’s have a look at the following:

  • We all spend sleepless days and nights to decorate our homes. Security cameras might hamper the ornamentation and decoration of a room.
  • It is always a benefit to not let the cleaning helps or babysitters or visitors know that there are security cameras installed in your house and their movements are being captured. This way you can get to know the real faces of the people around you.
  • Burglars and thieves might just smash or disable the non-hidden cameras to offer themselves a safe robbery. And with no evidence of the crime it can be laborious to track down the culprits.

Choose the Right Location for Installing a Security Camera

To choose the correct location to hide a security camera can make a huge difference in the footage captured. The camera should always be located in such a place that it concentrates on the major areas of the house to be monitored and no obstacles are in its way to block the view. If the camera is being installed in a plant or anywhere nearby the trees or bushes, you should be precisely cautious to ensure that the leaves and branches do not cause any hindrance in the view of the camera.

If you install your security camera in a portable device then make sure to keep it away from the reach of children. Kids might end up misplacing the object which might lead the camera to miss some important footage. Even a slight change in location can cause hindrance and restriction in the view of the security cameras.

Let’s Discuss the Ways

1. An Artificial Plant

How to Hide a Security Camera 2

We all decorate our homes with artificial plants, a security camera mounted in one of these plants can be such an impressive move. Plants nowhere attract the burglars and keeps them far away, therefore, are the best places to hide security cameras.

2. A Stuffed Toy

How to Hide a Security Camera Efficiently without Bringing to Anyone’s Notice

In case you are looking to secure your kid’s room with a security camera, especially to capture the doings of the babysitter a stuffed toy can be the best option. You can install a camera in a stuffed toy and mount it on a shelf, away from the reach of your child.

3. A Box of Tissues

Why hide the Security Cameras?

A box of tissues is also a great option to hide your security camera. A box covered from all ends with just a couple of holes here and there is perfect for a cause like this. You can buy a tissue box suiting your size of camera, make necessary holes in it and mount your camera within. Make sure to add a couple of tissues popping out from the top to perfectly disguise it.

4. A Book Case

making it a perfect place to hide cameras.

A book shelf never attracts the burglars or thieves. Hence, making it a perfect place to hide cameras. Mounted on a height, amidst the numerous colored books a camera can be perfectly concealed. It can be easy to capture the entire view of a living room if the camera stands in your book case.

5. A Bird House or Bird Nesting Box

is how to hide a security camera efficiently

A bird box is an incredible place to hide a security camera. You can choose a perfectly enclosed design of a bird house with just a tiny opening to enable the bird’s entry and exit. A small camera can easily be accommodated behind this tiny hole and capture all the doings of the house with ease. This setup can be installed in the garden or the verandah and capture the activities of the entrance of a house easily.

6. A Smoke Detector

Why hide the Security Cameras?2

You can use a smoke detector as a place to hide your security camera. It might need an expert to install the camera within perfectly but once installed it can prove to be an ideal place capturing the view clearly and away from the reach of many.

7. A Clock

A clock can be an amazing place to hide your security camera. A hole can be made in one of the blackened numbers or the center of the hands of the clock. It can be installed in any and every room of the house and one can never even imagine be capturing and monitoring from behind a clock.

8. A Portrait or Painting

Portraits or paintings are extremely common forms of decor that one uses to beautify his walls. A security can very well be installed behind such a hanging frame. A hole can be smartly drilled to give way to the lens of the camera and the huge frame can easily hide the wires as well.

With the increased crimes in the 21st century, the precautions have advanced too. With the market full of security cameras of varying shapes, sizes and purposes it has become easy protect our homes and people. With the entire day’s work and regular outdoor activities it has become extremely difficult to stay indoors every time.

We often have to leave our kids in the surveillance of baby sitters. We might never be able to know how mean the babysitters can be to our little ones or how indifferent and absent-minded our home cleaners can be. With the various security camera options available and innovative ideas as to how to hide a security camera you can be relaxed and tension free about your home and people.

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