Top HD Security Camera System Reviews of 2016

HD Security Camera System Reviews
There is no doubt that the world that we live in today is much more technologically advanced than what it was even a few years backs. This is the reason you will see that today the digital world has become all the more potent. Now there are a lot of choices to pick from when we are trying to find out the best security camera for your house. One of the most popular choices of security cameras is the HD security camera system which is touted not only to be one of the most popular cameras, but it is also the most advanced breed of security cameras in the market. In this HD security camera system reviews, you will see that how the various features of these cameras play an instrumental role in making it the foremost choice of cameras in the security world. Moreover, they are the reasons as to why the analog security cameras are finding it hard to stay in security camera business.

Top HD Security Camera System Reviews

Amcrest 1080p HD Security Camera System Reviews

What is HD?

These are the cameras which are capable of catching videos in a really high definition which mean that they are more than capable of providing the clarity that can be very helpful for the viewers. HD security cameras have the reputation of giving a steady streaming of which allows it to give a stable video, something that your security camera should have. Lastly, they give attention to the colors which are why it is one camera that will give you the best visual experience of your lifetime. The biggest competition to the HD cameras is the high-resolution cameras, otherwise known as Analog cameras. Let us look at the basic differences between these two cameras in the next segment of our HD security camera system reviews.

How the HD security cameras differ from the High-Resolution cameras?

High-resolution cameras are probably one of the most common types of security cameras that you will find in the market, primarily because they were the first cameras in the market. One big advantage for these cameras is that they are relatively cheaper than their contemporary. This is what makes them a much more cost effective form of security system that most people look for. This is a camera which enables the user to keep a vigilant eye on the surrounding, but as for giving attention to detail; this camera is not that effective there.  So as a matter of fact here you will end up with nothing but a bunch of footage, which means that if you need to use such footage in the court of law then you will be left disappointed.

Whereas when we are talking about an HD security camera, the first thing that you should know about here is that the measurement of video for these cameras is done in megapixels. This is what mainly makes it so advanced as against other security cameras. The difference which will actually attract your attention to these cameras is the sheer quality of the video which is almost 2.5 times clear than any high-resolution security camera. In effect it means that when you are viewing a certain video then it is possible for you to pay a lot more attention to the movement of the people and honestly speaking, you will actually be able to identify people here, something which you can never do in a high-resolution camera. But one thing that you have to think carefully is your budget. These cameras are a little pricey than most of your high-resolution cameras meaning that it will cost a little money, but the question is that don’t you want to pay a little extra to make sure that your family is properly protected.

What are the different types of HD cameras?

If you look at the HD cameras then it must be said that even they have a subclass of their own. The two main competitors within the HD cameras are the 720p and 1080p. So without wasting any further time let us have a closer look at the two.

  1. The resolution: the biggest point of distinction between the two cameras is primarily the resolution of the cameras. For the 720p cameras, they give you a video which is 1280 x 720. It means the resolution of such cameras is roughly 1 MP. As for the 1080p security cameras are considered, they will give you the video of 1980 x 1080, allowing the camera to have a resolution of 2MP, which is twice the size of the 720p cameras.
  2. The performance: after looking at the resolutions of the two cameras you can be almost certain that the 1080p cameras are the one which has a much clearer picture than the 720p ones. This is what makes the 1080p HD securities a fan favorite among the customers.

In fact now you can see that even the posh localities of your cities are not safe. No matter what you will see a case of break – in your evening news. In short your house and your family are in a constant state of vulnerability and you cannot do anything to change it. But every dark cloud has a silver lining and here that role is played perfectly by security cameras. These are the devices that looks after your safety and make sure that you can breathe a little easier, something you need badly in this fast and pace-filled life. With really impressive features, they will let you know as to what is happening in your house even if you are miles away. It is an assurance that your family which is precious to your heart is always protected.

We hope that the HD security camera system reviews have been able to achieve its goal, which is to make you aware of the need of security to protect your house. This is an informative review which is meticulously crafted to answer every question that you might have regarding an HD security camera.

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Faylinn - February 9, 2016 Reply

I’m going to have to show this post to my husband, because he has been looking for the best security system to have installed around his company. I really think that it would be important for a business to have an HD system to improve the quality of the footage and make it so that criminals could be caught better. The high definition would definitely be valuable during the daytime, but do you know how well HD cameras would operate during the night?

Frankie Furgele - April 22, 2016 Reply

Great article explaining how having security camera with HD increases performance! I have a 1080 p HD security camera that I ordered from and always feel safe now. They have a great selection of surveillance cameras!HD cameras are the future when it comes to sharp and crisp resolution.

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