Funlux Surveillance Camera System Review

Are you worried about the safety of your family or office when you are away? Do you feel the need to constantly monitor ongoing activities? If you are looking for a security camera system with state-of-the-art facilities, the 1080p HDMI NVR Simplified from Funlux is a set of 8 cameras you need to read about.

Funlux 8 Channel 1080p HDMI NVR Simplified Security Camera System

4.4 out of 5 stars

Funlux 8 Channel 1080p Security Camera System

8 set of Security Camera System with High-End Clarity

The video quality of a security camera is the most integral feature because unless the recordings are clear, the purpose of the installation is not solved. The camera is equipped with a resolution of 1280 x 720p that maintains high-end clarity in the recordings. It has 720P HD professional IP video system with a resolution that brings forward crisp and clear pictures. With a professional set of 8 cameras that provides 720P surveillance, it helps in recording better and gets a clear picture.

The camera system is perfect for utilization during both day and night integrated with advanced IR cut filter. The night vision mode helps capturing of the illuminated picture and bright footage with night vision of up to 65ft. The camera’s automatic IR-cut filter gives day and night of live stream and with the presence of the IR red mode, the camera function even on detection of low light.

Funlux Security Camera System with High-End Clarity

Camera with Intelligent NVR Security System and Great Memory

The set of 8 camera system boast of its intelligent NVR recording security system and has successfully helped in safeguarding thousands of premises. The 81-degree wide angle of the security camera covers a large area. The NVR system is simple and easy to install which can be instantly connected in minutes through the Zsight app to your phone. The camera can be used to connect to PC, smart phone or tablet with help of MeShare web client. It has great connectivity with single HDMI port able to support 8 sPoE cameras.

One thing that you don’t have to worry is the way the memory in the camera system works. The camera comes with pre-installed 1TB of HDD that can hold recording from all the eight cameras. However, it has the capacity of the 4TB hard drive which means ample amount of recording. The recordings are automatically deleted after a time frame of 90-days but you always have the option to save the recording to an external device with help of USB cord.

Mobile Monitoring Helps in Better Surveillance

The security camera definitely has great surveillance option with wide angle camera that allows both normal and intelligent recording. Have you ever imagined how cool it will be to take care of your family safety even from distance? With the mobile monitoring feature, it helps in easy control of everything. It includes Mobile Monitor 8 channel security system which helps in controlling things from mobile by simply downloading the ZSight application and registering for the same. It is easy to connect mobile or tablet using the app and all features of the camera can be integrated on the mobile device.

Funlux 8 security camera system - Mobile Monitoring Helps in Better Surveillance

With the feature of remote configuration, it is easy to keep a check on things even from a distance. It is a great connectivity part of the surveillance security camera as it gives access to everything right on your phone. The best way to ensure the safety of your home is installing the camera which gives day and night surveillance which can be monitored and tracked even when you are away.

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Some features that lift up the security camera to be an excellent product:

  • Weatherproof Camera System – The security camera system is able to brave adverse weather conditions despite their outdoor installation. The surveillance camera is secured with waterproof IP65 which makes it capable enough to withstand any type of weather condition. Be it heavy snow, rain or extremely strong winds, the camera remains unharmed and performs its duty efficiently.
  • Motion Alerts – One of the features that make the security camera exceptional is its ability to detect motion. It is able to detect suspicious movement and on detection, it sends push notifications on your mobile. Using the app, you also have the power to customize motion detection areas and schedule an alert system. With the remote notification support, it is easy and convenient to set alarm and notification.
  • Keep a Check from Anywhere – The security camera system is equipped with the latest technology which helps in surveillance from anywhere. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest pros of the system as you can easily connect to the mobile phone, PC or tablet through the app and stay connected from anywhere. It is possible to remotely control the camera and access videos and photos. You can monitor everything even sitting miles away.

Now nothing is perfect, as there are certain small drawbacks as well associated with the product, here are some issues that you might not like:

  • Tackling with the wiring system – We all want to escape the hassle related to sorting number of wires. Although the system does not require the internet for its performance and can even work offline, it is not wireless. You need to manage the wire which is time-consuming and at times get annoying.
  • Lack of Proper documentation – The instruction manual and documentation part is not satisfactory as it does not help the user much in self-installation and connectivity. There have been complaining about lack of information regarding connecting to apps and websites.
  • Reprogramming needed for remote access – A lot of customers mentioned about the requirement of little of IT skills. There has been a time when ports are blocked and things need to be reprogrammed to allow remote access.

Some features that lift up the security camera to be an excellent product


The Funlux 8 security camera system is integrated with intelligent NVR system is a fantastic option to secure your home or office. It has all the modern features that make it standout. The connectivity part, remote access option and its intelligent ways to capture videos & photos make it unique. The review is done after personally trying the product and with an intention to inform about the particular system in a detailed manner to help one buy.

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Vince Burns - February 4, 2016 Reply

I have always wanted to get a camera system like this for my home. I like that it can store a terabyte of video so that you can review what went on while you were on vacation. Just having a camera can scare people away and keep people from actually trying to break in.

    rauaplrcs - May 11, 2020 Reply

    very interesting but nothing is clear

k nicolson - February 10, 2016 Reply

Its a shame that amazon does not deliver to country town , what a great deal they had and I’m sure that it wouldn’t be last on

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