Funlux All-in-one HD Security Camera System Review

4.5 out of 5 stars

Funlux all-in-one security camera

The new Funlux all-in-one HD security camera system is one of its kinds and has almost all the specifications that a perfect security camera should be having. This is one of the newly launched products by funlux and has immense ability to be one of the leading security cameras available in the markets today. The installations are very easy and the handling of the whole product is user friendly.

The product itself might look a little complicated but actually it is very easy to operate and connect and install, to be precise. Moreover this is a wireless security camera so you need not worry about some tangled wires and how to handle them or connect them to one another to get the gadget going, in the first place.

Funlux all-in-one security camera hd videoHD Video Quality

The quality of the video recording offered by this security camera is simply great. It has a diagonal angle of view of 81 degrees. It has a 720p Color image sensor installed in it which ensures some good quality and discrete image recording for you. The lens is 2.8mm in size and has a wide range of view giving crisp images each time.


Most of the time while installing a new security camera you need to worry about the location or the place where you are to install it. Mostly it is due to weather conditions. This Funlux product takes care of that concern of yours. This security camera is weather-proof in itself, and is so designed to withstand the extreme conditions of weather. Thus, you need not get worked up about where to install your product next.

Wireless setup

The wireless set up of this product is the most admirable character. Many users complain about tangled wires and confusions pertaining to wire connectivity. Hence in this product that part is taken care of as well. You do not require any configuration for this product and it can be set up quickly and easily as ever. Connecting it to your smartphone is also not required anymore; this security camera is smart enough to get connected to your smartphone automatically.

Motion Alerts

Motion alerts is something that not all security cameras have. This Funlux security camera has it all. It can sense the slightest of the unexpected movements. You can schedule alerts at specific times and on specific days.

Funlux all-in-one security camera Night VisionNight Vision

The night vision of this security camera is commendable compared to its peers. It consists of inbuilt infrared lights which allow it to have a clear night vision of about 65 ft. around the area in the dark.

1 TB Hard Drive

This security camera comes with a 1 TB hard drive to store all your recordings for a long duration of time. This is extended so much to make sure that you get the maximum storage and can keep your recordings safe for long.

Overall, this product is a threat to its peers, taking into account all the features it possesses. The makers of the product are well aware of your concerns and help you in all possible means to stay safe and have an overall control over your house or workplace just with the help of your smartphone no matter how far you are from your house. This product is available in the markets today at an affordable price.

The HD security camera is very durable and long lasting and will help you have a look at your home or business or anywhere from any corner of the world. It is a great way to start off with a more secure home or work environment.

Funlux All-in-one Security Camera System – Product Specifications

  • The product dimensions are 14.3*11.4*9 inches.
  • It weighs about 9.2 pounds which is also the shipping weight of the product.
  • The package comes with 2 distinct wireless HD cameras, 2 Power supply for the cameras and a quick guide to guide you through the whole process of installation and use of the funlux security camera.

These features of the product makes it a suitable product for shipping by the seller as well as its shape and size is just perfect enough for the installation and use in any corner of an area, conveniently. This security camera is known for its great image quality and high reliability as well as durability.


  • The durability of the product is somewhat commendable and it is so designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions. This is one of the leading features of security camera which people look out for. The sturdy make of the product makes it a very good competition in the market.
  • No wires means no hassle for the user. This device is very easy to install and gets going within minutes of its installation.
  • The night vision of the security camera is commendable and it can view as much as 65 feet around it to be precise.
  • There is no need for configuration is case of this product. It can get automatically connected to your smartphone as soon as it is installed and you can get the feeds on your phone soon enough.
  • The motions sensors make this security camera even more powerful in its performance by detecting the slightest of the unexpected motions.


  • The angle of view of the camera is not as much as many others though it performs pretty well in its range of vision.
  • The angle of rotation of the security camera is also not good enough compared to the peers.
  • The price for the product is somewhat high for a few people.

However, this Funlux all-in-one HD security camera system is one of its kinds and it is loaded with features which make it so alluring to the buyers. This new product by Funlux has compiled all the good features of the rest of the Funlux products and thus it can be said to be a good buy for one and all. So if you are planning to purchase a new security cam for outdoors then this is the one that should definitely be a part of your list.

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