How to Find The Best Dome Camera for Better Security?

The dome cameras are the perfect companion and take care of your safety and security. Be its surveillance of a commercial premise or residential property, it offers unmatched power to keep a watch from far. They are resistant to adverse weather conditions and record everything with utmost clarity to keep a check on alarming situations. The best dome camera record perfectly both during day and night.

How to Find The Best Dome Camera

Top Dome Security Cameras

SV3C Dome POE IP Security Camera in Full HD

SV3C Dome POE IP Security Camera in Full HD

It is designed with advanced technology and the use of POE (Power over Ethernet) enabling the use of one cable network for both power and video transmission. It gives a resolution of 1920 x 1080, wide angle of 70 degrees, 1/3 x 2 megapixel CMOS sensor and IR LED night vision of up to 10 – 20mm. It is resistant to adverse climatic condition and is waterproof with IP66 certification.

1200TVL CMOS Security Camera by Newton

1200TVL CMOS Security Camera by Newton

It has sharp resolution of 1200TVL or 1280 x 960 pixels with intelligent sensor that detects low light and switches to black & images for capturing in dark. It is built with high quality 36PCS infrared LEDs and IR-Cut filter. The ¼” CMOS sensor image gives outstanding clarity. It has auto gain control and backlight consumption that gives a defined picture in all types of lighting condition.

IP PoE Security Camera by Reolink

IP PoE Security Camera by Reolink

The security camera by Reolink boast of 2560 x 1440 Pixel HD turret with 4MP of resolution, wide angle of 80 degrees, 1/3″ CMOS sensor and 24 IR LEDs for night vision and night vision of 100ft. It has intelligent motion sensing allowing flexible detection of motion. It supports upload of the motion-triggered capture of image and FTP recording. It helps in transmitting video and power via single network cable for use of PoE.

IP PoE Dome Camera by Unitech

IP PoE Dome Camera by Unitech

It is equipped with a 4-megapixel lens of 2.8mm in ultra HD, has 101.0 degrees of wide angle and offers 24 IR LEDs supporting strong night vision. It is ONVIF compliant. With its PoE support, the single cable network can be used for both power and Ethernet performance stability. It has real-time detection of motion with PoE camera of 4MP that sends alert immediately via e-mail, app notification and FTP server. It is IP67 waterproof and suppresses very strong light.

ProHD Fixed Outdoor 3MP IP security camera by Amcrest

ProHD Fixed Outdoor 3MP IP security camera by Amcrest

It is equipped with high definition of 3MP, resolution of 2304 x 1296 pixels and is compatible with ONVIF NVR, Blue Iris, and FTP. It offers a wide-angle view of 100 degrees and comes with 98 feet of IR LED Night vision. It is protected with IP67 weatherproofing. It has intelligent digital zoom and gives out alerts via e-mail or other modes of detection of motion.

Dome Camera with Indoor Security Surveillance System by YI

Dome Camera with Indoor Security Surveillance System by YI

It has wide angle of 112 degrees, HD resolution of 720p and the glass lens gives 360 degrees of coverage with 345 horizontal and 115 vertical range of rotation. With 940mm IR LED beads it brings advanced night vision extending up to a distance of 3mm. It gives real-time alerts as it tracks motions. It has an in-built ultra-responsive microphone enabling stable conversation.

Why Buy Dome Security Camera?

Less Visibility

They are small circular shaped camera that is perfect for installation both inside and outside. They are available in stylish range and can be installed without hampering the interiors. They are small and more convenient to use.

Suitable for all Environment

The dome cameras are more common and better as they are more elegant and sleek. They can be used in all types of environment. Most of them are covered and protected with help of case and it helps in ensuring that it is weather protected.


Dome cameras are comparatively cheaper and serve the purpose of surveillance well. It is equipped with right kind of technology, wide angle and resolution but all at comparatively affordable price than other camera types.


The dome security camera is more durable and has been subjected to different types of tests to confirm the same. A lot of dome cameras are housed in durable cases even making them vandal proof

Types of Dome Security Cameras

Indoor Dome Cameras – They are meant for installation only inside the house and hence they are unable to withstand unfavorable and rough conditions. They are comparatively more delicate and available in stylish pattern.

Outdoor Dome Cameras – They are meant for outdoor installation and enclosed in a hard casing. This prevents the camera from unfavorable weather conditions. It also protects the camera from natural elements like dust, rain etc.

IP Type Dome Camera – The camera is able to connect to internet directly and is used as network for its operation. It is connected to the internet and can be monitored from anywhere in the world with internet connectivity.

What features to look for in dome security camera?

There are certain features that you must look for in a security camera. It is purchased with the intention to endure safety and security. So, here is what you need to check before investing in a security camera.

Resolution – It is one of the most important aspects to check for because the picture clarity depends on the resolution. The HD attribute of a security camera is also important as it gives enhanced features and better image quality. The higher is the resolution, better is the image quality and clarity.

Lighting Conditions – The security camera must be suitable for use in all sorts of lightings. Make sure you test the cameras for its ability to give better picture even in low light. The night vision of the camera must be advanced so that it is able to capture even when it is dark. The best is automatic adjustment performed by the camera depending on the light conditions.  The camera must be suitable for use during high and low light both.

Construction material – It is better to purchase security camera with the heavy-duty metal casing so that it is protected from the wrath of adverse weather conditions. An IP66 waterproof is important so that it is resistant to rain. The more weatherproof certification it has, the more is its efficiency against unfavorable weather condition.

Wide angle range – It is always better to purchase a security camera that has wide angle frame and is able to focus more on all surroundings. Having higher surveillance power means better security. The wider angle it has, the more area it is able to cover under its surveillance zone. It helps in providing the benefit of more security.

Outdoor and Indoor – This is what makes the security camera more versatile. It must be designed in a way that it can be installed both inside and outside. It gives you the flexibility to install it anywhere as per your choice. Also, anti-noise filter must be installed in security cameras for better clarity in recorded voice.

It is not easy to select the best dome security camera but this guide will help you make the right selection. All the security cameras are tested by experts before mentioning the same in this buying guide.

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