Canary Flex Security Camera Review

Go ahead and take your little soak in the sun, by setting up the Canary Flex, a smart surveillance camera that can swivel 360 degrees and detect motion with its sensitivity controls. This might be a good option for people or families who want to know what’s currently happening in and out of their house. It can let users know even if they’re out of their homes for work or vacation with its app interface.

Canary Flex Security Camera

3.8 out of 5 stars

Canary Flex Security Camera

The camera is ergonomically designed for indoor and outdoor, withstanding even with the severe weather brewing over the horizon. The camera can endure the temperature at a minimum of negative 4 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum of 113 degrees. It only comes in two colors but is premeditated to bend in any environment.

Live-streaming of videos from your Canary Flex to your phone is made possible with Bluetooth and its app interface. This wire-free or plugged-in camera offers HD videos because of its high specs.

Canary Flex Security Camera - Features

Power source and battery life

The Canary Flex has a rechargeable battery for a wire-free installation. Users can also plug the camera into a power supply for continuous live-streaming or simply to recharge the device. According to the manufacturer, the battery life can be extended to live up to two months.

Speaker and microphone

The camera has a fixed microphone and speaker where users can have a real-time, two-way conversation upon purchasing the premium account. When a delivery man walks in to deliver your package, or when fiddo does something messy, you can call out to them and say and what you want to say.

360-degree swivel

The camera can be swiveled up to 360 degrees for better positioning and angling. However, it has a viewing angle of 116 degrees to around 120 degrees.

Video and live streaming

The resolution of the security camera is limited to 720dpi, yet delivers an HD display. It has an automatic 25 feet night vision distance, vivid and crisp to see what’s going on throughout the evening. One can record and view live activities 24/7 with the Canary Flex. Its cloud storage can offer a view up to 30 days if a subscriber purchases the package deal.


Users can quickly activate the device and enable Bluetooth or wifi. There’s no need for confusing wires that can not only distract the look and view but offers more disrupting hubs.

Viewing and applications used

The videos can be seen on smartphones either with Android or iOs systems by downloading the Canary App. However, there’s no web version of the security camera for the free feature. The mobile app lets users view the recently recorded videos, export, and share them with family and friends.

Security modes

Its motion detection features will let you be notified of anything that’s going on in your house. What’s more is that Canary lets you contact local authorities or emergency services when something has gone amiss. More features include auto arming and disarming when users go out of the house. That way, even if one person has forgotten to set up the camera, Canary Flex will do that for him.

Setting up your Canary Flex at home

Setting up your Canary Flex at home

As stated, the security camera offers an easy installation of the device. There will be no hubs, no extra wires that can only disrupt the viewing of the users. One can download the app and enable Bluetooth and wifi on for the viewing of your home.

Purchasing the camera will let you have the manual and the option to buy the Canary Membership.

Canary Membership offers

The Canary Membership features can be made availed by purchasing it for a certain fee fixed every month. It provides more support and key activation when users buy it for their homes.

The premium account has more has the extended basic experience of the security camera with the addition of a full-length video motion-activated recording, 30-day history viewing, and device warranty of two years.


  • The easy installation of Canary Flex makes it ideal for people or families who would want a hassle-free setup for their fast-paced lifestyle.
  • Speakers and microphones built together with the device can make conversations easier even if users are away from their homes. For a minimal fee for the subscriptions every month, users can gain access to more features including the two-way Canary talk.
  • The live-streamed videos are in HD and night vision recordings can take a distance quite far with 25 feet.
  • Users can connect to their smartphones for easy viewing of their homes, anywhere and at any time of the comfort of their pace. Either people are on vacation, or simply at work, the access to the mobile phone makes surveillance much easier. The premium account lets users view the videos on the web.
  • The sensors can detect motion activities inside and outside of your house and let you contact emergency services on case burglary or crime arises in your home.
  • It has a long battery life if you charge the device weekly.
  • Also, it has a long cord that goes with it upon purchase. If users need to charge or plug their device, they have no problems in extending the length of the cable for the security camera to be connected into the nearest outlet.


  • The image quality of the camera at 720 dpi resolution should be improved.
  • The auto alarm and disarm can get tricky, because sometimes it works, and other times, it will fail to reconnect.
  • Those with poor internet connections would have the camera all messed
  • The device sometimes fails to recognize motions made by pets, children, or burglars.

The bottom line

The Canary Flex still offers versatile features for viewing what’s currently happening in your house with your mobile phone. Though there are glitches along the way, it is rather important to see if the installation was done right to avoid any technical difficulties.

The intelligence of how it alerts users can get frustrating at times, especially when the device would signal simply of pet movements and none of the delivery man. Make use of the warranty in case anything goes wrong. All in all, the device works well and would alert any user even with the smallest movement detected in the house.

The device is not perfect and might have flaws, but generally, it makes an ideal choice for those who want some extra vigilance around their homes.

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