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One of the most important things that people look for is security. In this new day and age the question of security has received more pertinence due to the increase in criminal activity which was lacking two decades ago. Criminals have become smart and so should you and therefore, protecting your home and office is a compulsion. This becomes a problem when you are too busy with your life and this is where a security camera comes in. The security camera we will discuss about is the wireless security camera.

A wireless security camera is a closed circuit camera or CCTV which is capable of transmitting video and audio feed to a receiver via radio bands. There are different types of wireless security camera based on the designs and shapes and other parameters. We will today discuss about the best wireless security cameras which is an important piece of information that you will require if you are interested in acquiring the services of this particular product. Wireless security cameras have given a new shape to modern security and are gaining popularity among masses due to their low installation costs.

The top 3 wireless security camera

1. ROCAM NC500HD Wireless Security Camera

Best Wireless Security Camera - ROCAM NC500HDROCAM NC500HD tops our list of best wireless security cameras. The most notable feature of this detective spy is the QR code which helps you install your camera with your phone. The QR code can be found at the base of the product. With this you can use your phone’s wifi hotspot and watch live videos being recorded by NC500HD camera. It is blessed with a two-way audio facility which enables direct talk to anyone and anywhere. One notable plus point is the night vision which shall keep a watch on your surrounding well and provide HD quality videos. It shall serve as the best guardian for your dear and near ones in your absence.

2. ROCAM NC400 Wireless Cameras

Best Wireless Security Camera - ROCAM NC400The next wireless security camera in the list is the ROCAM NC400 Wireless Camera. This camera has the ability to provide high quality feeds at all times. Its features include the capability of zooming in effortlessly which helps you to check every corner of the house. It has IR LED specifically so that they you can monitor your house in complete darkness. Here you can control the camera by simply sliding your fingers on the screen to get a better view. Moreover you are always connected to your family here with the help of the 2-way talk feature. It has Wi-Fi but customers have complained a few times about the difficulties in setting it up.

3. Dropcam PRO Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Security Camera

Dropcam PRO Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Security CameraThis camera has a 130 degree field view which is something that you do not find in most of the security cameras nowadays. It has CVR recording facility which enables you to review footage as well as make clips from it. The Wi-Fi can be set up in less than a minute with the help of iOS mobile devices, Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE and computers. Another thing that sets it apart is the enhanced image sensors and the advanced optics which helps to give a sharper image. It is observed that talk balk feature of the camera only works when the night vision is off.

Different types of wireless security cameras

The next question that might pop up in your head is that whether there are more types of security cameras. This is a pertinent question but one which is already answered from the above discussion. Yes there are different kinds of wireless cameras and it is up to you to decide which the best wireless camera is for you. There are two primary types of wireless security camera namely analogue wireless security camera and digital wireless camera.

  • Analogue wireless security cameras:

These types of cameras generally use radio frequencies in case of transmission. The range of these cameras is 300 feet but that can be reduced if there are any physical obstacles in the path. Without wasting time we should straight away discuss about the pros and cons:


As there are multiple receivers here, you can create your own wireless networks by installing multiple receivers at different locations all over.

This is more cost effective as the cost of single camera is usually less.


This security cameras will provide only one way talk facility, meaning the receiver can only accept signals but not reciprocate

These cameras are prone to interferences from household objects which causes hindrances.

  • Digital wireless security cameras:

The transmission here is done through video and audio analogue signals which are encoded as digital packets and transmitted through high bandwidth radio frequencies with a range close to 450 feet. Now to make it clearer to you we will discuss the pros and cons of these cameras to you.


Two way communications is available here, hence allowing the receiver to send back signals which is a good addition to the features.

The quality of both audio and video is better than those of the


The cost of installation and the cameras are both high making it relatively costlier.

These types of cameras will require a higher bandwidth as compared to the analogue cameras.

To scrutinise further we will discuss about different types of wireless security cameras to give you a clearer picture of security cameras.

Motion Detector Cameras: Motion Detector Camera is such cameras which have motion detecting facilities. Moreover these cameras will only start recording if there is any activity as detected by the motion sensors. They perform dual function which includes both saving more storage space and the other functions alerting you when there is any suspicious activity.

Adjustable Cameras: This camera is known to give you the best coverage and control because it can be adjusted as per your requirements. They have motive-driven actuators which allow the camera to capture a wider view as compared to the fixed cameras.

How to choose your wireless security camera?

This is a question whose answer you always wanted to know and we are here to make sure that we tell you the best possible way to choose the best wireless security camera. These are some of the steps that you need to follow to choose your camera.

  1. The first thing that you should do is to scout the market and make yourself accustomed with the different kinds of wireless security camera that are available in the market.
  2. The next question that you would need to answer is that whether you prefer a wired or a wireless camera because this is a question that can only be answered by you as there is no one else who can know the specifications you prefer better than you.
  3. We would advise that you go for a camera which has high resolution because these cameras will provide a better picture quality which is something that you look for.
  4. You need to know the applications of the different cameras so that you can get the right camera for yourself.
  5. It is always better to ask about the most popular cameras around as they get the popularity because of their functionality.

It goes without saying that the quest for the best wireless security camera will go on and on but here you have an article that is sure to help you in finding the camera that is good for you.

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It’s really a nice and useful piece of info. It feels awesome to read such informative and unique articles on your websites.

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Silas Knight - August 17, 2016 Reply

I had no idea that there were so many types of cameras. When looking between the analogue wireless and the digital wireless cameras, I think the analogue would fit my needs just fine. I don’t really need to have a conversation with whoever the camera is picking up!

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