Best Spy Camera Models in the Market 2017

Best Spy Camera Models in the Market 2017You have the “Right to know”. Do you want to know what is going around you? That’ll make you powerful indeed.  A spy camera is ideal spy equipment which can be used to keep tabs on people and surroundings in offices, houses and other workplaces. You can frequently monitor things or people by utilizing a spy camera even if you are engrossed in your work. It gives you peace of mind when you know that you have taken an extra measure to protect your surroundings and also to ensure the safety of your family and your possessions.

A spy camera aids you in giving this extra peace of mind. Spy camera works as a guardian as it protects the house or the working place by rendering perfect surveillance. Being minuscule in size and compact, a spy camera is also very easy to install. Since there are no wires attached to it, therefore, it is very hard to notice it. It can be placed anywhere and can record the footage which can be used by you whenever you need to. A person who is ten miles far from the main camera can also be recorded in the footage.

A spy camera is helpful in security as well as for surveillance purposes. A spy camera can also be used as a ‘Nanny cam’ to keep an eye on the activities of the babysitters or caretakers at home or it can also be used for any other purposes. A spy camera, being cost effective, is also easily accessible in the market. The burglars and the shoplifters can be caught easily by a spy camera as well.

Top 5 Best Spy Camera Models in the Market 2017

1. Titathink TT531WN-PRO HD Wi-Fi Covert Hidden Spy Clock Camera

4 out of 5 stars

Titathink TT531WN-PRO HD Wi-Fi Covert Hidden Spy Clock Camera

If you are not a night person and want to know about the things that happen in your surroundings at night, then this is where you belong. This spy camera is having a night vision that is intensified; the distance of night vision is up to 5 meters. People will never notice this camera as anyone can dress it up like a clock. This sneaky device will not make anyone suspicious.

The camera has an impressive quality of 1280 x 720P high definition video that helps you to view Real-time videos and hear audios and the best part being the quality of working over your Wi-Fi on your smartphone/tablet anytime anywhere. Videos and audios can be directly stored to Micro SD 64 GB (maximum) Memory Card and built-in a Micro SD card slot, it is similar to a DVR incorporated into the camera.  The saved video can also be seen on your smartphones.

The battery can work up to 3.5 hours and is rechargeable. There isn’t any cable required in this and even the people who are ignorant of technology can use this without facing any problems.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Has a small size of 80x80x80mm and is therefore highly portable.
  • Images are very vivid.
  • Operates 24/7 on Electrical Power– Come with a 2600 MAH Rechargeable Battery.
  • Has the ability to record without any break.
  • Has a very delicate appearance so people hardly notice.
  • The user guide is very helpful.
  • Free App for iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones, and Tablets.


  • Just supports Wi-Fi connection; PC and Mac are not compatible.
  • The clock constantly keeps flashing, bringing whole attention to the clock.
  • Some users found a few bugs in the camera.
  • When it is switched to IR, it is loud and hence, it draws attention to the camera.
  • LEDs behind the glass are visible on occasion. It is not truly covert.


2. Premium Full 1080p HD Hidden Camera Spy Pen BUNDLE

3.6 out of 5 stars

Premium Full 1080p HD Hidden Camera Spy Pen BUNDLE

This spy camera is one of the best spy cameras and is extremely professional. It can be plugged and played into any PC or Mac. It is not a tedious task to use this camera as you just have to record your footage, connect the spy pen into your PC and review it.

The pen is very user-friendly and provides for a perfect and clear video recording. The design is very stunning and it offers high resolution of 1280x1080p with a multifunction video frame. It has been precisely engineered and is having a perfect design.

The camera is so good that after buying one, you would wish that you would have bought two of them. This is a multifunctional camera that will surpass your expectations and also comes with 7 ink fills.


  • Has a balanced weight and smooth writing.
  • No software is required to be loaded.
  • Both PC and Mac compatible.
  • The design is new and improved.
  • Great video quality with 1280×1080 HD video resolution & 8MP camera.
  • Has a non-stop video recording mode.
  • Has an expandable memory.


  • Pen sharing is inadvisable as the battery heat dissipation is conspicuous.
  • The picture quality is not very sharp.
  • The pen is fatter than other pens, so it is not specifically a ‘spy pen’.
  • The instruction manual is a bit confusing.
  • The battery is not very good.
  • The small light in the back might make someone notice it.

3. Conbrov T10 HD 720P Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera

4.5 out of 5 stars

Conbrov T10 HD 720P Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera

This is one of the best- hidden cameras in this list of the spy cameras. It is a ‘nanny cam’.  If you need a spy camera which is very difficult to catch, this is definitely what you are looking for. This camera comes in the form of a photo frame and can be used as a home decoration; the hidden built in lens makes it one of the best spy cameras.

It is an outstanding product for home as it helps in deterring crimes as well as in assembling information. The camera has an excellent night vision as it has a Black LED that a naked eye can hardly detect and also a night range of up to 15 to 25 feet in an unilluminated area. Up to 30 hours for day time and up to 10 hours for night visual can be manually recorded. It is amazing how such a big capacity battery can be incorporated in this light weighted camera.

This camera is an efficient complement for security systems at homes and offices even if the electric power is interrupted. The video quality is of 720P HD and is stunning and crystal clear. The camera is very innovative, having multiple functions and is a great mask for a spy camera as it is completely hidden.


  • It supports a micro card of up to 32 GB.
  • It has an outstanding in-built battery, therefore, there is no need for frequent charging.
  • Very sleek and light weighted.
  • Can see images and video up to about 20 feet at night.
  • There are no wires along with the camera so people might not suspect.
  • The installation is very easy and the camera is also very handy.
  • The features are not intricate.
  • It is great for a TV of 50 inches.
  • The camera can record continuously with the help of the Start button.
  • The design is very impressive.
  • The frame stand and the wall screws come along with the camera.


  • Directions provided in the manual are a bit ambiguous.
  • Location of the camera is a bit hard to figure out.
  • The price of this camera outweighs the benefits rendered by it.
  • The SD card is not included, so you have to buy one on your own.
  • It does not hold the SD card properly.
  • A few seconds delay for the motion to be triggered.

4. Mini Spy Hidden Camera Conbrov®

4.3 out of 5 stars

Mini Spy Hidden Camera Conbrov®

If you are looking for a spy camera that is perfect for personal safety or body security, then you are at the right place. This is the world’s smallest, incomparable, night vision video camera which has a great night vision range. The LED lights are totally invisible in dark. This is highly portable and has diverse usage for traveling, home security, office security and many more things.

There are no lights in this camera which can come in the way of this camera getting caught. It has a great capacity to record things in the bright light and the things can be recorded in a weak light situation as well. A whole lot of technology is packaged in this tiny camera. All the modes of recording in this camera work extremely well. The camera detects the environment and based on the environment, it turns to day or night mode.

The looping aspect of the camera is a plus point.  It can be attached to different articles or can be worn with the help of a variety of clips that come along with it. A memory of up to 32 GB is supported in this camera. This is a stunning little recorder and the light weight (of up to 4.2 ounces) helps you to carry it anywhere.

This product is very professional and you will always get a response to any inquiry within 24 hours. This is a mini video camera that also helps you in providing a safe and secure life. You really need to buy this one.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Excellent construction and very durable.
  • The camera is not at all expensive.
  • The instruction manual explains everything properly.
  • It has multiple functions like manually video recording, voice or sound detection.
  • It has a great built- in rechargeable battery.
  • It comes with two holders with different angles.
  • It has a very special feature of high sensitivity motion detection.
  • It is small, light weighted and very hard to detect.
  • The video is very smooth and there is no delay.


  • This camera is not compatible with Windows 8.1 or 10.
  • Night vision only good up to10 feet.
  • Cannot use it while putting the USB cable on.
  • Some users have faced a problem with buttons programming.
  • Charges and transfers data through a Mini-USB (Micro-USB is a much better and faster method).
  • The accessories (different clips) that come with it are not of very good quality and look like normal plastic.

5. Conbrov® DV9 HD Spy Home Security Book Camera

4.3 out of 5 stars

Conbrov® DV9 HD Spy Home Security Book Camera

This spy camera comes in the form of a book and has a flawless appearance. This camera, cloaked like a book looks like a black box and is perfect for the security at homes and offices. Many people are cognizant of the spy cameras hidden in a pen but no one would ever think of a spy camera being hidden in a book!

It is a covert recording device having manifold functions. It has a stunning night vision and one big black LED which are invisible. It has a 1280 x 720P HD video quality and the recording can be done with date/time which is adjustable.

The battery is in-built and the recording standby time is up to 2 years. Manually recording, mute recording, motion detection recording can take place easily with this camera.


  • The design is unique.
  • Very handy camera.
  • Has an excellent night vision and motion detection
  • Very easy to set up and easy to use.
  • Can be put anywhere and no need to constantly access it.


  • Audio quality is not good when compared to the price.
  • Does not support a memory bigger than 32gb
  • The instructions are not clear
  • Some users faced the problems with setting up of date/time
  • The technical stuff is not very good.

We have listed the best spy cameras in the market today. You can now make your pick and safeguard your house. Happy Spying!

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