Know all about the best night vision security camera

With each passing day, security has become one of the major concerns for us all. Best night vision security cameras offer reliable high-resolution video feed, images, reliable surveillance as well as a digital video recorder to keep your business or home safe and secure. Various night vision security systems offer recordings from multiple cameras on just a single DVR at the same time.

best night vision security camera

Reviews of the best night vision security cameras

Zmodo EZCam Wireless Two-Way Audio Smart HD IP Camera with Night Vision

This wireless night vision camera records 720p HD live video feed constantly for 24*7 with a wide angle of 115 degrees. The camera can view up to twenty-six feet in pitch dark and is enhanced with two-way audio that provides improved audio quality. It sends alerts to your cell phone whenever a motion is detected. It is easy to install and constantly records on cloud allowing you to download video clips anytime…
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Tenvis HD Wireless IP Camera

Crafted with Smart Eyes Technology this camera imparts HD quality night vision across the infrared light for up to 32 feet. It shows minute details with extreme clarity. The 1280×720 megapixels optic lens provides sharper and clearer images. It is developed with a two-way audio as well as smart alarm system. It can be easily configured to your Wi-Fi using Sound Wave Smart Connection technology. 

Dericam 1080P Home Wireless Security Camera

It is built with 5 db as well as a 2.5 db antenna for a better signal. It captures HD video with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The two-way technology helps to capture high-quality audio. The ProHD Lens with a 100-degree wide angle imparts clearer images both during the day and night. The night vision extends up to twenty-six feet. The camera is capable of completely covering 360 degrees such that no corner is left uncaptured. Lastly, it is easy to install and setup and come with a warranty of two years…
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ANNKE Sannce (1) Security Camera with 66FT Super Night Vision

This night vision camera is an HDMI Senior Member as well as ISO 9001 certified product. It produces no harmful elements. It comes with a guarantee of one year along with free technical support for a lifetime. It is capable of outdoor as well as indoor application with IP66 waterproof housing. 24IR LEDs offer impeccable night vision for 66 feet. It requires a 2.1mm power cable that needs to be purchased separately. It possesses IR Cut filter that ensures capturing true colors in all circumstances.

Foscam HD 720P Outdoor WiFi Security Camera

This Foscam security camera allows you to remotely handle the video feed, recordings, motion events etc. from any place. It offers Foscam Cloud storage as well as free local recording facilities. You can download the Foscam application and view the live streaming on your smartphone. It is extremely easy for anyone to use. It shoots across alerts to your smartphone whenever a motion is detected. This security camera offers 24×7 live feed with IR LEDs for up to 65 feet. It comes with 720p HD video quality along with 75 degree wide viewing angle…
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Reolink 5MP Wireless IP Home Security Camera

Reolink brings to you a home security night vision camera with a resolution of 3072 x 1289 with the capability of zooming up to four times. There are 24pcs infrared LEDs embedded that impart clear vision up to 100 feet with thirty-six to one hundred degrees of viewing angle. You can be assured of a power packed network with 2.4/5 dual-band Wi-Fi as well as 2T2R MIMO antennas. It sends alerts whenever a motion is detected keeping you well informed. You can have your video feeds saved in the provided SD card or use the NVR for constant recording…
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Tips to buy a night vision security camera

While purchasing a night vision security camera the following tips can be of great help.

 1. Pick amongst a black and white or a color camera

While choosing a color or black and white camera the determining factor is the level of light in the environment. The high-resolution color security cameras feature infrared cut off filter that imparts integrated night vision. Color cameras are the ultimate choice when it is to be used in a good amount of light. The resolution for a color camera might be lower as compared to a black and white camera. Besides, a color camera helps you identify the color of subject’s hair, clothes, accessories, vehicles etc.

Black and white cameras, on the other hand, are intended for low lighted conditions. The nighttime feed that is captured with one light source is quite clearly visible and imparts crisp details of the subject. While color cameras are designed for poorly lit conditions. Infrared sensors are one of the most important features that impart additional versatility to color cameras whenever they are applied to use in low or dark lighting conditions.

 2. Pick the type of connectivity

  • Wired – These are suitable for locations that are expansive that are very big for wireless connectivity. When these are used for night vision, then these cameras include an infrared cutoff filter that imparts accurate imaging.
  • Wireless – These are a budget-friendly way of securing your surroundings. Digital cameras impart clear audio and video feed. These are quite accurate an option for places that are small in size and can remain well connected via internet.

3. Pick the required number of cameras in your system

While picking a night vision security system for a small business or home area an exterior security system comprising of 2 to 4 cameras impart sufficient coverage. It is recommended to install an ample number of cameras to offer total coverage of the area under monitorization. There must not be any blind spots when the subject shows movement from the coverage of one camera to another. The cameras comprising the security system depends on the amount of coverage, interior surveillance, exterior surveillance, perimeter etc. Also, the number of cameras in your security system would affect your investment cost.

4. Consider an Indoor or Outdoor System

 Both the kind of security systems, indoor as well as outdoor, are useful for imparting security measures. Each one offers a great deal of security.

Outdoor Systems – These must be dust as well as waterproof such that a reliable operation can be offered in any and every season without compromise. Such cameras must possess a rain hood as well as a camera housing to keep debris, rain, and snow off the delicate lens. Some of the common areas include entrances, driveways, fence lines etc.

Indoor System – These systems do not require to be waterproof. While picking indoor cameras you can have them hidden here and there if you do not want the intruders to locate and destroy them. Installing these surveillance security cameras in plain sight along with a recording indicator discourages the intruders from performing illegal activities.


The best night vision security camera is all that you require to keep your home or business place safe and secure. A detailed study of the various offerings of the market can give you a deep insight as to which product suits your needs best.

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