ANRAN High Resolution Home video CCTV Camera Review

It has become extremely essential to keep a track of who is coming in and who is going out of your house at all hours of the day and what can be better than a Anran HD High Resolution CCTV Camera to keep the records? This Anran CCTV Camera is a long range IR night and day surveillance camera that has a clear night vision and that too over a large area. It is hence the one of the best Surveillance Security home video CCTV camera available in the stores as well as online today.

What all is included in the package:

ANRAN High Resolution Home video CCTV CameraANRAN HD High Resolution Waterproof Color Day Night Vision Home CCTV Camera comes in a conveniently small box containing a few things to get the CCTV camera good to go. The box contains:

  • A 700TVL SONY CCD Array IR Security Camera which as we already mentioned is a long range and very powerful Surveillance camera having an awesome night vision as well as a very clear day vision.
  • 1 Bracket. This bracket helps to set the camera in the proper way at any point as per requirement. It holds the camera perfectly into place.
  • A pack of Screws. This helps to set up the whole CCTV camera and hold it in place with the help of the bracket.
  • A Power supply. A cord that helps to connect the ANRAN High Resolution 700TVL Day IR Long Range Night Vision Home Video CCTV Camera to the power supply. It gets the surveillance camera working and to start recording footages day and night around your home within its range.
  • User manual. The user manual is the complete guide to the setting up and controlling, recording and saving of the whole data in the form of videos.

Easy to set up

The whole device is available in a very easy to set up form. It can be assembled easily and conveniently in no time if you go through the user manual before setting up. It saves the cost of installation and you don’t have to depending on someone for helping you set up your very own Anran Surveillance camera. Once the set up is done you don’t have worry the least.

Compact Controlling system

The whole control panel for this specially designed surveillance camera is very precise. It is restricted to just one area and you can find all the controls there itself. This feature makes it easy for the user especially if you are using it for the first time having no idea about setting it up whatsoever.

Long Range of Vision- both day and night vision

The Long range of vision about 150 ft as already mentioned is one of the most  attractive feature of this CCTV surveillance camera. It contains very high intensity illuminator for long range night visions. This allows the Camera to have very clear picture recordings even in the dark hours of the night. The maximum illumination is IR on 0.001Lux and the Infrared Wave Length is 850nm which is on the higher levels in comparison to most other CCTV cameras. It consists of 2 pretty powerful LED arrays.

High quality Images and powerful lens


The image quality is awesome. It is bright during the day and as a high quality IR night range of images as well. It has image adjustments such as contrast, hue, brightness, sharpness, gain and mirror. The Camera also has a backlight control. The lens is 8mm in diameter

Motion sensors are strong

The motion sensors are very strong and can detect and capture the slightest of movements. This feature is a very necessary one especially in the present day because of the social scenario.

Power Consumption

A Power of 12V DC and NTSC TV Signal System is used.

Other Special Features

These ANRAN surveillance cameras are water resistant and tamper proof. It is can be used as a perfect Outdoor as well as an Indoor surveillance and recording system. The aluminum alloy casing makes it a strong and well protected product from all conditions of the environment. The operating temperature is about 20 to 50 degrees centigrade. The whole device is very user friendly and easy to set up.

All these features and many more taken in to account we can tell that this ANRAN product is one of its kinds. The recording can be stored and kept for a long duration of time. This device can work 24 X 7 and still be as good as new. The power consumption being very less, it can be used as ease without hesitation of incurring high electricity bills.

This ANRAN High Resolution Home video CCTV Camera has been satisfying a lot of users for a long time now. It has been successfully keeping its users up to date with the daily movements around the user’s house and keeping them safe in return. A lot of customers are opting for this device every day and so we ask you to be rest assured that this is the best you can get in the market, a product that does not burn a whole in your pocket and also keeps your home safe and under surveillance. Get one for your home today and make it a safer place for the inmates.


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Karen Parrott - June 8, 2016 Reply

Camera is working at now; however has blue screen during the day . Any suggestions what I can do?

    ducnguyen09 - June 8, 2016 Reply

    Hi Karen Parrott,
    When that happens to me it’s usually one of a few things:
    1. Loose connection at the DVR or camera, so check both ends
    2. The camera isn’t getting power, so, again, check both ends
    3. The camera failed
    4. Someone was playing around with the DVR settings and somehow set a channel to not be displayed either globally or per user.
    Thanhk you for visit my website.

Linda - October 21, 2016 Reply

I would like to down load a manual for the Anran security We bought the 4 camera with the view screen from amazon. they are working great just need to know how to down load a manual Thank you
p.s. can we hook them up to a tv?

Jr - June 27, 2018 Reply

Wireless security and camera how do I record and save it

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