ANRAN 8 Channel POE Security NVR System Review

ANRAN Technology has been founded recently. Nevertheless, the company became one of the top high-tech enterprises today that specializes in development and production of security system products. The reason behind the great success of the company is because of the convenience and efficiency that each product brings to its owners.

And what makes it more interesting is that ANRAN has made a real progress when it comes to security cameras and systems to answer the call of the times.

ANRAN 8 Channel POE Security NVR System Review

4.3 out of 5 stars

ANRAN 8 Channel POE Security NVR System


Now, ANRAN 8 Channel POE Security NVR System is one of the company’s state-of-the-art products that any homeowner would love to have. In fact, many consumers today are apparently interested to know why this product has become today’s pick.

It is no doubt that home security and safety is of the paramount concern for each and all. While ANRAN 8 Channel POE Security NVR System could be one of the most picks, let’s take a closer look if this will be the ideal security system for your needs.

Package Inclusions and Features


So, what are the inclusions if you were to buy the new ANRAN 8 Channel POE Security NVR System?

  • Four 1080p Security POE Cameras

Each included camera has 1080p HD and 2MP resolution with a 1/2.5″ CMOS Sensor and 3.5mm lens. Also, they are equipped with 36 pcs IR LEDs. Its infrared illumination ranges up to 30 to 60ft or 10 to 20m with a double filter automatic for day and night switch which is great for day and night mode of usage.

The material used for each camera case is metal with a waterproofing rate of IP66. So, there is no worrying about outdoor installations.

  • An 8 Channel POE Surveillance NVR

While the overall package includes four 1080p cameras only, you as the owner could actually add four more since the NVR has 8 channels. In short, ANRAN 8 Channel POE Security NVR System is an expandable surveillance system that can carry up to 8 cameras.

  • 1TB Pre-Installed Hard Drive

The POE NVR has a 1TB pre-installed hard drive which can be expanded too. You could add up to 4TB hard drive for a much bigger storage.

  • A DC48V/3A Adapter for POE NVR

You could easily set up your ANRAN 8 Channel POE Security NVR System using this power adapter. Also, with this power adapter, you could efficiently connect your NVR to a monitor.

  • Ethernet Cables
    • Two 50ft (15m) Ethernet Cable
    • Two 100ft (30m) Ethernet Cable
    • One 3ft (1m) Ethernet Cable

Owners could also install and place the whole system wherever they may deem necessary. With all the ethernet cables available and included, the choice of location where to place the NVR is quite wide.

  • Four Pack Screws
  • USB Mouse
  • User Manual

Whether seeking for a professional service or aiming for a DIY process, ANRAN 8 Channel POE Security NVR System is a good option since the package includes the parts needed for an easier access to finish an installation.

Technology Behind Key Features

The key features that the ANRAN 8 Channel POE Security NVR System explicitly boasts about are what make the whole product interesting to many consumers today. The innovative solutions that ANRAN provided can be summed up to four main points:

1. Day and Night Mode Switches

It is said that the ANRAN 8 Channel POE Security NVR System has very efficient viewing tools in its cameras. The POE records real-time videos and motions in a 1080p HD which doubles the resolution because of the 2mp resolutions.

With the said features, the day and night mode usage is the most awaited of all. You could see the recordings in very clear and sharp views due to its automatic day and night mode switches. For instance, if motions are detected in a low-light environment, the cameras will then switch to night mode recording. And the same thing happens in a high-lighted surrounding.

2. Smart Motion Detection

If there are unexpected or strange movements and motions within the vicinity of the subjected area, the security system will then focus on such motions to record them and send it directly to your email or notify you through smart applications. You as the owner will be the first one to know about the detected commotion or the strange activity in the area.

3. Remote and Direct Access

In relation to the smart motion detection, it is said that the detected motions will be sent to your email directly or notify you on your smartphone or tablet. Well, this is highly possible since the ANRAN 8 Channel POE Security NVR System caters both easy remote and direct access to its users and owners.

With the use of its accompanying smartphone applications, you could connect your smartphones and tablets. And through this application, you will receive updates and notifications that may help you determine whether a certain activity in your area is normal or not especially when you are far away from your home.

4. IP66 Weatherproof Materials

The cameras of this ANRAN Security System line have a metal casing which has an IP66 weatherproof feature. With the said feature, owners like you could install and place the cameras wherever you may deem needed. Whether placing them outdoors or indoors, the cameras can withstand any weather condition and continue to function as they were designed to.

Advantages and Drawbacks


Here are some of the known pros and cons of the ANRAN 8 Channel POE Security NVR System. These will help you decide whether this product is the right one for you.


  • Easy to install which is ideal for DIY enthusiasts
  • The included user manual is very detailed
  • Convenient to setup and place due to the wide availability of ethernet cables
  • Cameras have very sharp and clear recordings in high-lighted areas
  • Direct and remote access directions for connections are very understandable
  • Affordable price
  • Durable as it can hold any weather conditions


  • Cameras cannot capture clear recordings in a low-light environment
  • Mobile and smartphones apps are not working efficiently
  • Cameras do not support audio recording
  • Cameras are not Pan-Tilt-Zoom

In A Nutshell

ANRAN 8 Channel POE Security NVR System may be the ideal camera for you. If you are considering a convenient to install and setup system and quality daylight surveillance at a very affordable price, then this is for you. However, if you are very much meticulous and want a security system that can cover every aspect, you should look for other products that can cater you the uttermost security and safety that you need.

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