Annke 4CH 720P Security System Review

4.3 out of 5 stars

Setting up a security camera system has become very important and hence this article will tell you about one of the best security camera systems in the market for the year 2018. This is based on user reviews and ratings. People have recommended this product, so much so, that investing in it will not disappoint you.
This product is called the Annke 4CH 720P Security System.
Like already mentioned, this Annke 4CH 720P Security System is one of the best in the market. The 720P HD camera allows video recording and is absolutely hassle free. It is user friendly and is very to set up.

The full package comes with the following tools:

One 4 CH 720P NVR system, four 720P Bullet Camera, two 30M (hundred feet) cables for the camera, two 15M (fifty feet) cables for camera, one mouse and remote, one CD and user manual, and one power supply. The product also comes with a five year warranty.
This product gives you both, the 720P HD IP as well as NVR. It also provides a full and powerful 720P high definition video. The quality is sharp and crisp. It allows power and transmission of video just like an NVR. You do not require extra cables for the cables or adapters. Installation is very easy and requires no additional knowledge. You can monitor through your smart phone, computer or tablet. It comes with technical support (lifetime).

You can save the costs for installation

The system is very easy to install. The IPC and NVR are connected with a single cable. It supplies both power as well as video signal. This makes the system very flexible. It facilitates autonomous setting and you can set it up according to your requirements. The system records video automatically. This will give you a brilliant visual display like never before. This is definitely a plus point.

The remote access is just outstanding

The P2P cloud technology is just brilliant. It allows you to access and monitor your system irrespective of time or place. No matter where you are, you will have an access to the system via the free app. All you need to do is scan the QR code. You can also access it through the NVR on your computer. For this, you need to log in to your account. This makes it a security system on the go. You need not worry about not being in touch with your place when you are out. You will always be connected.

The image quality is detailed and brilliant

The 720P mega pixel, 1280X720 pixels makes it better than so many products in the market. The IP camera is phenomenal. This gives you high resolution pictures. The details are clear and crisp and have superior recognition. This, according to a study, is 3 times better than other cameras in the market.

It allows 100 ft Day and night monitoring

It has the automatic infrared system. This allows accurate color no matter what time of the day. the light conditions do not affect the quality of the records. Thus, even if it is dark, you will not miss out on the important details. This camera also has thirty six LEDs (infrared) that allows you to view 100 feet, in the dark light condition too.

Waterproof and weather friendly

The IP66 professional camera is waterproof. It is made out of a very high quality metal. This thus removes the constraint of installing this indoor only. You can easily set it up outside and be tension free, it is not adversely affected by the weather conditions.
This product allows a 4 area privacy mask. The exposure control and AWB is automatic and the dynamic range is 69Db. The video adjustments can be done in the following way: acutance, contrast, saturation and brightness. There is no expansion interface but it does have motion sensing control. You can set an alarm via your cliental software or via email. It has three kinds of streaming and has automatic port forwarding. The service saves videos automatically and hence you can replay the videos and view it again.

Annke 4CH 720P Security System – Some other features and specifications

• The cameras are weather proof. That does not make it water proof. They cannot be dipped in water but can surely make it through harsh weather conditions.
• The cameras are IPC cameras. You need to connect the DVR with the camera by using the RJ45 network cable. This provides signal and power.
• The system is low price and very easy to install.
• The shutter speed is automatic and 1/60- 1/100000 seconds.
• It can allow record and capture in your phone. It supports four channels together and allows live viewing.

This system is flexible and very apt. It is definitely one of the best products in the market. It helps you view images and recording way after the actual time. It allows you to go indoors as well as outdoors without a lot of fuss. The user manual it comes with makes installation a cake walk. The warranty keeps the maintenance secured. This warranty means that you need not spend extra money in case there are minor technical glitches. This system is pocket friendly and user friendly. These two features are seldom found in a system simultaneously.

It is one of the best. It is weather proof and allows playback. The image quality is very clear and crisp and it allows a long recording period. It prevents you from spending a lot on the installation. The Annke security system provides you the best opportunity to be connected to your house even when you are not around. What else could you possibly look for? It is made for those who want a secured habitat without being home stuck.

Based on user reviews, this Annke 4CH 720P Security System is a perfect buy in case you are looking forward to buying one. You can definitely invest in it and be sure that it will not disappoint you in the long run.
All the best!

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I cannot reset my password is have forgotten it and need to put in a new password please help I have a dn81rmodel

Jantina Hanna - October 23, 2016 Reply

I am still trying to be able to view the images on my phone. I scanned the barcode image, but it doesn’t do anything. It just keeps scanning and scanning without showing any footage Very frustrating.

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