Amcrest ProHD 1080P Security Camera Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars

Amcrest ProHD 1080P Security Camera Reviews

Are you thinking about making your house a little more secure? Not feeling safe yet? After reading this article, you will surely find some alternative to your old security system and an upgradation for the same. This is one of the most popular security systems found these days and a huge number of people are recommending it to their close ones. Amcrest ProHD 1080p Security Camera is one of its kinds available to you along with a number of attractive features and specifications.

It comes with a full HD 1080p 30 fps video recorder and wireless Wi-Fi setup cameras to keep track of events around the cameras.

Shipment package is extremely small

You wouldn’t believe how powerful this security camera can be if you don’t use it in the first place. The package just consists of the small security camera. Now, some of you might be wondering that ‘how am I suppose to control it?’ most of us wonder the same at first. You can use your computers, laptops or for that matter even your mobile phones to control the device and make it work according to you. No wires or remotes come along with the product.

Saves you the cost of installation

As already mentioned earlier, the device is just a small one and no cable or wires come with it and neither the hassle of installation nor the charges associated with it. Setting it up is a cakewalk, set it at a convenient place wherever you want it and use the QR code provided at the bottom of the camera using your Amcrest View Lite smartphone app and you will be ready to go and get the video streaming. Isn’t that easy enough?

No external remote control system

Once your phone is compatible with the new Amcrest security camera you can control the camera and the video feeds that it has captured, just by a touch of your smartphone. Digital zooming and tilting facility is also available and all this you can control with your phone or laptop or computer, whichever you wish.

Clear images and Full HD videos

You have the assurance of clean and detailed images and videos when you use it. You will be amazed to see the accuracy of the images. The Amcrest 1080p Reviews will help you know the product better. It has a 1920 X 1080 resolution at 30 FPS. Clear and Crisp images are what it provides.

Stores extra data

Not just in Amcrest Cloud, this Amcrest security camera makes provisions for storage on a micro SD card, an NAS, FTP server or even your laptop, computer or smartphone for that matter. You can choose any one of these at any time and change it according to your convenience and requirement.

Advance pan tilt and digital zoom

The visual range of this Amcrest Security camera is 90 degrees, but it can be tilted 360 degrees to give a wide range of view. The tilt and pan can be controlled easily using any compatible device with the camera.

Some other special features of this product are:

  • This device has a brilliant night vision up to 32 feet. The 12 IR LEDs associated with this device provides this powerful feature of the camera making it an even more utilized and useful product.
  • You can talk and listen, both at the same time, as a result of its two-way audio system.
  • 4 hour free trial storage is provided on the Amcrest Cloud once you install and login, through your device to control the camera.
  • Technical support of a lifetime and a one year domestic warranty also comes in free with the product.

After reading the Amcrest 1080p reviews and taking a note of all its features, you must be rethinking of your existing security system and wishing to replace it with Amcrest security cameras. It is suggested that it would be a wise decision on your part. This camera is not just convenient and easy to install, it has a huge number of added benefits also. The device can be used at the darkest of dark nights to give you the clearest picture of what is going on around you. You can also get feeds from it on your smart phone or any other compatible device just with a swish of a finger. The motion alerts are also worth mentioning. You can also opt of email alerts or snapshots if you want to be double sure.

Zoom and tilt of this device are just fine. You would enjoy it. The price for this camera is also to look out for. Inexpensive and easily available, this device is even more attractive for the new buyers. So it does save a lot of money on your part as you are saving two ways- firstly by buying the product at an affordable price and secondly by saving the few bucks on installation and initial technical help. Huge amount for the pocket isn’t it?

Some Drawbacks:

  • The Wi-Fi connectivity is not as strong as mentioned and a number of problems related to internet access have been observed off late.
  • The app is a little outdated and needs to be taken care of for the best services.
  • The user manual that comes along with the security camera is somewhat ambiguous and not so useful for first timers.

In the Amcrest 1080p Reviews, you can see the specialty of the product, but it is suggested that you should not be satisfied just by this review but see it for yourself and satisfy your needs and demands of a good security camera. It won’t disappoint you. Not without reason has it become the leading product today. Invest the few bucks and experience safety more than ever. Choose your monitoring system and have a happy stay!

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