Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera Review

Amazon Cloud Cam is the first ever indoor security camera that Amazon released. And because of the apparent and evident popularity of the brand, many homeowners are quite excited to have one for their homes.

4.1 out of 5 stars

Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera

The recent release of the said indoor security camera has created a tremendous noise in the security camera industry. In fact, many see the Amazon Cloud Cam as a real competition today. Others, however, like Nestcam, have remained calm upon the release of the product.

The truth is – there are quite a lot of features that you would like about the Amazon Cloud Cam. But, no product is perfect and certainly, there are things as well that you wouldn’t like about the security camera. Nevertheless, it is still pursuing its success in the market and its current fame.

Quick Summary:

  • 1080P Full HD Resolution
  • Night Vision Function
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Alexa-Compatible
  • Person Detection
  • Dedicated Application
  • Below $125

Amazon Cloud Cam – Overall Appearance and Built

Amazon Cloud Cam appears to be very compact and lightweight. Also, it is made wireless which adds to the overall convenience of the product. But the main thing about its overall built that attracts many homeowners to purchase the Amazon Cloud Cam is its classy appearance.

Apparently, the physical look of the said security camera is one of the highlights of the product. It is made very neat and sleek to suit any style of a certain location. It comes in a glossy white body and clean black facing for the main camera.

Accordingly, the body can be placed on a flat surface. And whether you like it stable and fixed on a standing position or mounted to walls and ceilings, users and owners can do it. In actuality, the package includes a mounting kit. Hence, users have the option to place the Amazon Cloud Cam wherever they want to – as long as it is inside the house.

Now, Amazon Cloud Cam is designed only to provide security and footages inside the house. So, the materials used in its interiors and exteriors are not waterproof or weatherproof. As for its overall durability, it is still in question as the product is only released in late 2017. And most users are still on their respective journeys to witnessing the strength and durability of the Amazon Cloud Cam.

Nevertheless, this indoor security camera comes with a limited 1-year warranty including parts and service. If you are looking for additional years of warranty terms, you may have to purchase it separately. But, take note that it is only available for US residents.

Camera Quality

Amazon Cloud Cam Indoor Security Camera - Camera Quality

Amazon Cloud Cam features a 1080P resolution. It can also provide a frame rate of up to 30 frames per second which is highly anticipated by many security camera enthusiasts. Accordingly, many homeowners and users are quite satisfied with the quality of the camera and the things that it can provide.

Additionally, Amazon Cloud Cam features a night vision function as well. The camera has eight infrared LEDs which automatically turns itself on once the camera’s vision algorithms sense that the lighting is getting darker and dimmer. The great thing about its infrared LEDs is that the positioning on the camera is in an ergonomic circular position. This means that users can actually see the whole field of view of the camera with a much brighter and clearer resolution. Accordingly, it is not like other security cameras that would only highlight certain areas that it is as if it’s being used with a spotlight.

In relation to its field of view, it can provide its users a total of 120 degrees diagonal vision. As for knowing when it is in use or not, the Amazon Cloud Cam also comes with an RGB LED light. It turns green when it is on.

Overall, the quality of the camera of Amazon Cloud Cam is pretty decent. And if you are looking for a security camera that can provide decent visions and functions when it comes to resolution and image quality, this might be the best option for you.

Innovative Solutions Made by Amazon

The innovative solutions being offered by the Amazon Cloud Cam are quite surprising and amazing. And apparently, these features are basically the reasons why many consumers are really hoping to have one for their respective houses. In fact, a lot of security camera enthusiasts mentioned that Amazon is really changing the game in the industry.

With these positive opinions at hand, it is quite evident why people are eager to purchase the Amazon Cloud Cam. Even so, you should still consider all the affecting factors before buying it. Hence, we have included all the features that would make or break your decision.

  • Two-Way Audio

Primarily, Amazon Cloud Cam features a two-way audio function. Although this is not quite new in most security cameras today, Amazon ensures its consumers that these audio functions are more reliable than other cameras. Accordingly, the two-way audio of the Amazon Cloud Cam is built based on its 5mm x 11mm x 3.5mm speaker along with the one omnidirectional microphone.

And these specifications allow users to actually communicate from one end to another. Users would just need to open the dedicated application to effectively establish communication.

As of the moment, there are no current issues with the audio communications of the said camera. As per actual users, this feature of the Amazon Cloud Cam is quite useful.

  • Working with Alexa

We all know how Alexa has become very reliable over the years ever since its release on the market. As a matter of fact, Amazon has become a competitor in the world of AI Assistance because of Alexa. Accordingly, it is just suitable for Amazon to incorporate Alexa’s compatibility with their first-ever indoor security camera.

The Amazon Cloud Cam has become more convenient for many homeowners because it largely works with Alexa. So, for homeowners who have different Alexa-compatible devices and Amazon devices like Fire, then Amazon Cloud Cam will really upgrade everything.

For instance, you could simply ask Alexa to show the surveillance of your kid’s room on your Fire TV in the living room. Or you can also ask Alexa to show recipe results from the internet to your kids’ Fire 10 TV HD tablet and let the kitchen surveillance appear on your Fire Tablet to supervise them while you are not around.

These are only some of the evident conveniences that you can experience when you have the Amazon Cloud Cam along with other Amazon gadgets and devices. And because of these situations, Amazon apparently offers package bundles and special bundles of the Amazon Cloud Cam. There are packages that would already include a Fire Tablet or the Echo Show to further experience the real convenience.

But, of course, this is Amazon that we are talking about. And it is just so fitting that you would encounter more ways to spend money which actually is one of the downsides of the Amazon Cloud Cam. Nevertheless, this security camera has the same cloud as Alexa. Hence, it can be really a game-changer for those who have Alexa-compatible devices.

  • Notifications and Alerts

Now, this is where it gets tricky. The notifications and alerts that the Amazon Cloud Cam can provide to its homeowners are both useful and inconvenient. Apparently, people are either satisfied or mad about this feature.

The notifications and alerts that you would get when you install the Amazon Cloud Cam are very detailed. In fact, almost all motions being detected are being sent to your connected gadget through the dedicated application. These motions would not only include the human activities but also even the slightest movements that the camera can detect. This may include the movement of fans, insects, plants, and other small movements.

Today, this is a real improvement in the technological aspect of the security cameras. A lot of research and engineering resources were used to produce this kind of innovation. However, this can be very inconvenient as you may receive more than 100 notifications per day.

But, the good thing about the Amazon Cloud Cam is that this feature is customizable. Although it can be very time consuming, you can highly personalize your notifications and alerts. This feature is called the Zones. This will allow you to set zones and areas where the camera would only detect motions and movements.

In relation to the motion detection, another feature that Amazon takes pride on is the Person Detection. You can actually enroll the faces of the people who are living in the house. So, when someone is not recognized by the camera, it will send alerts and notifications to your gadget.

These two latter features are the main things that make the Amazon Cloud Cam very high-tech and innovative.

Dedicated Application and Compatibility

The dedicated application of the Amazon Cloud Cam is called the Cloud Cam App. Users can download it through Amazon Appstore, Google Playstore, and Apple Appstore. Hence, the application is very well compatible with Amazon gadgets, iOS devices, and Android gadgets. As long as the Apple gadgets are running on iOS 9.3 or later and the Android devices are running on Android L or later versions.

As for when using computers and laptops, you can also access the Amazon Cloud App through its dedicated website. You may visit to access and watch live footages. But, your computer must be running on Safari 11+ or Microsoft Edge 15+ or Chrome 56+ or Firefox 56+.

Cloud Storage and Cloud Cam Subscriptions

This is where most people lose their temper. In fact, some leads would even testify that because of the paid subscriptions, they would not buy the Amazon Cloud Cam.

Now, the security camera itself is relatively cheap in comparison to its competitors like Nestcam. But, it is important for you to note that buying the Amazon Cloud Cam can be expensive as well for you in the long run. And this is because almost all of the innovative features are only accessible when you register your camera for the Cloud Cam subscriptions.

Today, Amazon offers three subscription methods. The most basic and cheapest subscription is only rated around $7 per month or $70 per year. This will include 7 days of cloud storage and all of the innovative features. Also, you can connect up to 3 cameras.

The extended subscription will allow you to connect up to 5 cameras. This will allow you to store your footages up to 14 days. And the cost for this subscription is around $10 per month or $100 per year. As for the Pro subscription that will allow you to store your footages up to 30 days, the cost is rated around $20 per month or $200 per year. Utilizing this subscription will allow you to connect up to 7 cameras.

Although it is basically up to you whether to subscribe or not, using the camera on a “free” mode will limit your overall security. Without the subscriptions, you cannot fully customize all the settings. And this means that you may receive hundreds of alerts and notifications per day. It can also mean that the cloud can only store your footages for 24 hours. Not unless you download each of your day’s recordings, you can no longer access them after 24 hours. Also, you will not be given any access to use the Person Detection and Zone features.

Unlike Nestcam and other entry-level security cameras that offer free unlimited cloud storage, Amazon Cloud Cam is relatively expensive in totality.

Amazon Cloud Cam Indoor Security Camera: Is It For You?

The Amazon Cloud Cam Indoor Security Camera may be the right security camera for you if you have all the means and resources to support the subscriptions. And if you really want to experience a high-end-type of security, this can be a great option. But for people who take cost and price as the biggest factor in their buying decisions, Amazon Cloud Cam may not be the best yet.

Nevertheless, this camera is a pretty convenient security tool for your household and property.

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