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Funlux Surveillance Camera System Review

We will today do an in depth analysis of the Funlux Surveillance Camera System to see whether this is a good camera system or not. If we go by the market trend, some of the reviewers have attested that the set up and functioning of the camera is easy and hassle free. This review will help you look at some of the other important features of the security system and decide whether this is the one for you or not.

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Funlux Surveillance Camera System – Memory like no other

Funlux Surveillance Camera SystemPrimarily the camera has a surveillance storage capacity of 1TB. This is something that is almost unheard of in any other camera. Moreover, this camera has the potential of storing a lot of data without any problem. You can also look at any footage as per your wish and you will find it without any difficulty. The duration of storage is 30 days that you will get which is just an example of how cleverly it is designed for storing data. The 1TB hard drive that we talk about is the surveillance hard drive which is manufactured by Western-Digital.

The full package

Whenever we look for surveillance equipment, especially cameras the first question that comes to the mind is what are the things that we are going to get with the product. First of all you will get the 8CH 960H DVR which will be accompanied by a 1 TB surveillance hard drive. The other things that are sent out are the 60 ft video power cables which play a crucial role in the whole set up process. You will also get 700TVL weatherproof outdoor IR cameras which form an integral part of the camera. Moreover, you will find a USB mouse and a manual which will help you in understanding the functioning of the camera as it is always advised that you get accustomed with the product.

8CH 960H DVR, the gift like no other

This camera is known to have one of the best video resolutions in the market and the customers can attest to such a fact. The resolution of the camera is 960H which is something that has helped the product and the customers alike. Moreover, there are multiple video inputs for the camera namely VGA, HDMI and BNC. Hence the customer has the option to use any input that they deem fit. In addition to this there are a number of recording modes present that the camera offers. The modes it offers include the motion detection, normal, external alarm and intelligent. Each of the modes is designed for a certain purpose and hence, when recording, the customers should be careful of the mode they are using to get the best output from the camera. Here you can access the feeds of the camera from your PC, Smartphone and tablets among other devices.

The popular Advanced Zsights Apps

Another feature that sets this camera apart is the Zsights Apps that gives the camera a huge advantage over its competitors. First of all with the help of this app you can simply capture all the special moments that you want to with a one button record system. Moreover, you will also get push notifications on you mobile if the camera detects any motion detection anomalies. Then you can have both LIVE view as well as playback of the video feeds on your Smartphones which is an advantage. In order to have a remote access, all you need to do is simply create one account on Zsight and web and just login.

700TVL weatherproof Camera, the true messiah

In this day and age you need a surveillance camera which is weatherproof. You will have a clear view of the surroundings thanks to the 3.6mm wide lenses. Then there is the IR cut filter which is built in and helps in providing true colour images which is a positive for the camera. You will also find 24 IR LEDs which will help the customer get 65 ft of IR night images, all thanks to the night vision feature of the camera.

Some other specifications and features:

  • The operating temperature of the weatherproof camera is 14°F to 122°F and this is instrumental in proper functioning of the camera.
  • In order to have data storage you will need to buy hard drive which might cost you a little extra but will give you more storage capacity.
  • Due to the weatherproof property, you will be able to position it anywhere but it is not water-proof. Although it can withstand gruelling weather condition make sure that it is not soaked in water.
  • The wire provided is sufficient in respect to the length. So be careful when you are setting up the camera so that you can have optimum utilisation of the wires
  • Remember that there are no controls that are located in front of the camera and the only way to access the DVR of the camera is through internet explorer, so be careful that you have the needful.

In conclusion it can be said that the Funlux Surveillance Camera System is inexpensive and is able to deliver features that are sometimes even absent in the costliest of products. The features of the product are good and sufficient for any surveillance camera and the product has the potential to satisfy the customers.

Vince Burns - February 4, 2016

I have always wanted to get a camera system like this for my home. I like that it can store a terabyte of video so that you can review what went on while you were on vacation. Just having a camera can scare people away and keep people from actually trying to break in.

k nicolson - February 10, 2016

Its a shame that amazon does not deliver to country town , what a great deal they had and I’m sure that it wouldn’t be last on

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