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Amcrest ProHD 1080P Security Camera Reviews

Amcrest ProHD 1080P Security Camera Reviews

3.9 Stars

Amcrest ProHD 1080P Security Camera Reviews

Are you thinking about making your house a little more secure? Not feeling safe yet? After reading this article, you will surely find some alternative to your old security system and an upgradation for the same. This is one of the most popular security systems found these days and a huge number of people are recommending it to their close ones. Amcrest ProHD 1080p Security Camera is one of its kinds available to you along with a number of attractive features and specifications.

It comes with a full HD 1080p 30 fps video recorder and wireless Wi-Fi setup cameras to keep track of events around the cameras.

Shipment package is extremely small

You wouldn’t believe how powerful this security camera can be if you don’t use it in the first place. The package just consists of the small security camera. Now, some of you might be wondering that ‘how am I suppose to control it?’ most of us wonder the same at first. You can use your computers, laptops or for that matter even your mobile phones to control the device and make it work according to you. No wires or remotes come along with the product. Continue reading

1 Samsung Sdc-7340 Bc 960h High Resolution Security Camera

Samsung Sdc-7340 Bc 960h High Resolution Security Camera Cctv Review

In this fast moving and busy world today it is a necessity to keep track. It is highly essential to keep a track of the movements in and out of one’s house and also in case of offices. How else can you do that effectively if not with a CCTV camera? A CCTV camera would ensure the security and safeguard the integrity of your home or workplace. So here we offer you one of the best security cameras available in the market in 2016. This Samsung Sdc-7340 Bc is something that you can look out for; it can give you some accurate and clear visuals around. This is by far the best high resolution security camera by Samsung as per the ratings of the users. It is brought along with a Samsung AC adapter SEA-B123 and batteries are included in the package itself.

Samsung Sdc-7340 Bc 960h High Resolution Security Camera

Product features and specifications

This High resolution Security CCTV camera comes along with a number of attractive features. These features compel the buyer to choose it instead of any other from the wide range of products. Some of the features are: Continue reading


ANRAN High Resolution Home video CCTV Camera Review

It has become extremely essential to keep a track of who is coming in and who is going out of your house at all hours of the day and what can be better than a Anran HD High Resolution CCTV Camera to keep the records? This Anran CCTV Camera is a long range IR night and day surveillance camera that has a clear night vision and that too over a large area. It is hence the one of the best Surveillance Security home video CCTV camera available in the stores as well as online today.

What all is included in the package:

ANRAN High Resolution Home video CCTV CameraANRAN HD High Resolution Waterproof Color Day Night Vision Home CCTV Camera comes in a conveniently small box containing a few things to get the CCTV camera good to go. The box contains:

  • A 700TVL SONY CCD Array IR Security Camera which as we already mentioned is a long range and very powerful Surveillance camera having an awesome night vision as well as a very clear day vision.
  • 1 Bracket. This bracket helps to set the camera in the proper way at any point as per requirement. It holds the camera perfectly into place.
  • A pack of Screws. This helps to set up the whole CCTV camera and hold it in place with the help of the bracket.
  • A Power supply. A cord that helps to connect the ANRAN High Resolution 700TVL Day IR Long Range Night Vision Home Video CCTV Camera to the power supply. It gets the surveillance camera working and to start recording footages day and night around your home within its range.
  • User manual. The user manual is the complete guide to the setting up and controlling, recording and saving of the whole data in the form of videos.

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Amcrest 960H Security Camera System Review

4.2 Stars

Advent of this millennium has seen an unprecedented rise of crimes especially home invasion because as per criminals homes are soft targets. This is the reason we are here discussing about the Amcrest 960H Security Camera System Review. With a long distance transmit range of 984 feet and LED night vision features; this is a security system which is synonymous with reliability, security and safety.

Amcrest 960H Security Camera System Review has a lot of features that attests to its claim of being one of the best in the market. The recording done on this security system is often said to be of professional quality which is a compliment towards its commitment of absolute security. With advanced motion detection features, this is a formidable opponent for the burglars. To top it off, the fact that this is a weatherproof security system makes it all the more tempting for people who consider home security as their topmost priority. So without wasting any more time let us have an in depth analysis of the Amcrest 960H Security Camera System Review. Continue reading


Annke 4CH 720P Security System Review

4.3 Stars

Setting up a security camera system has become very important and hence this article will tell you about one of the best security camera systems in the market for the year 2015. This is based on user reviews and ratings. People have recommended this product, so much so, that investing in it will not disappoint you.
This product is called the Annke 4CH 720P Security System.
Like already mentioned, this Annke 4CH 720P Security System is one of the best in the market. The 720P HD camera allows video recording and is absolutely hassle free. It is user friendly and is very to set up. Continue reading


ZOSI Home Security System Review

4.3 Stars

ZOSI Home Security System is the product that is the topic of discussion today. We will here look at some of the best features that make this security camera system stand out from other security cameras. If we are to go by the market reviews, then it is pretty obvious that most of the reviewers have given positive views towards the product. This review will help you decide that whether you should opt for this product or not. Continue reading


Funlux Surveillance Camera System Review

Are you worried about the safety of your family or office when you are away? Do you feel the need to constantly monitor ongoing activities? If you are looking for a security camera system with state-of-the-art facilities, the 1080p HDMI NVR Simplified from Funlux is a set of 8 cameras you need to read about.

Funlux 8 Channel 1080p HDMI NVR Simplified Security Camera System

4.4 Stars

Funlux 8 Channel 1080p Security Camera System

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