Security Camera Reviews – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

security camera reviewsThe world is now a scary place. With false promises, fake friends, dirty crimes and deceptive appearances we live on a land where every reality is masked by a cloud of deceiving lies. Nothing is as it appears to be. If one tends to believe in anybody and everybody, one will pay a price for such naivety. In this faithless planet, it goes without saying that no matter whom or what we are meant to believe in, it is our foremost duty towards ourselves to do some cross-checking before we put our faith on a certain thing. It is dangerous and also foolish to have blind trust on anybody, particularly because we live in an age where the crime rate is higher than the birth rate.

In the intention of protecting ourselves from falling victim to a breach of trust, it is not possible for us to keep our eyes on all the things around us and this is where my article is going to come in handy. In this page you will read about the best security camera reviews in the market which when installed, will allow you to keep a close eye on your home, office, roads and on every possible corner of this world. These cameras are our ultimate savior to prevent and solve crimes and also to protect ourselves from accidents. The truth behind the mysterious disappearance of valuable items can be finally unleashed and the activities of employees in an office can be monitored to ensure that everyone is working diligently. In short, these cameras are a boon to us- earthlings, without which it would have been extremely difficult to survive in the 21st century.

The Top 3 Best Security Camera Reviews

1. Vimtag HD VT361 Wireless Monitoring Security System

security camera reviews - Vimtag (Fujikam) 361 HDAs home owners, everyone would want to do everything possible in order to protect their homes. Whether the house is swarming with a lot of people or even empty for the day or week, the house needs to be protected at all times. There is one good option here to ensure the safety of the house or building. The key here is a security camera. Security cameras are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Every room of the house and especially the outdoor entrance and exits should be sealed with security cameras.

The Vimtag HD VT361 is one of the best ideas for security cameras here. This gives you the chance to stay at home virtually even when you are outside the house. This is especially useful when you are out for a vacation and you will have a peace of mind that your house is safe and protected.

Wi-Fi connectivity

The first thing that attracts me to the camera is the Wi-Fi connectivity. This security camera gives cent percent Wi-Fi connectivity, something that is very desirable in all the electronic devices now. This feature is ensured by the 3 Dbi antennas that take care of the connectivity. You can have access to the data recorded by the camera at all times.

Remote Live Video Streaming

The next big thing is the Remote Live Video Streaming his is another exciting feature of this security camera. You can get the facility of connecting your smartphone, tablet or laptop with the camera on the server and then stay connected at all times. No matter where you are around the world, as long as the devices are connected, you will have access to all the recording feed and footages. All you have to do for this is set up remote viewing in the camera and the work is done.

Remote Pan and Tilt

The camera is very user-friendly and thus it can be titled and positioned according to your own convenience. The 320 degree x 120 degree tilting facility of the camera can easily keep the entire house under its coverage. This is one of the most important aspects of this particular product. Moreover, if you have ever had a security camera at home before, you would know the importance of having motion detection in it. This is very beneficial in cameras these days. What happens is that as soon as the security camera detects motion anywhere within its radar, it gets activated. This acts as an extra layer of security for the house which remains vigilant at all times.

Motion Detection Alert

Fujikam Video Monitoring security camera
There is another important aspect. It is almost a necessity now for a camera to have the night vision facility. It is one thing to be keeping track of everything during the day, but doing the same in the darkness of the night is a rather daunting task. This camera will perfectly do that with no hassles whatsoever. It stays active during the day and it gives you an equally good performance even when you are sleeping in the dark. This ensures security 24 hours in the house. How does the camera actually achieve this? This happens with the help of 12 Infrared LEDs for the best night vision characteristics. It can cover a distance of about 10 meters.

Night vision

Next I want to talk about the image quality. The Vimtag HD VT361 is known for its image and video quality. The HD video real time recording runs at 1280 x 720 with crystal clear imaging. The high definition imaging will show its real worth when it starts recording. The 3.6 mm lens does a perfect job at that.


Next we come to one of the most important components of a modern day security camera. How does the camera store the feed it records? This is done with the help of a micro SD card. The video feed is directly recorded onto a 32 GB micro SD card. So you know your data will always remain protected. However, the drawback here is that the camera has a maximum capacity of 32 BG and you cannot extend to 64 GB.

Some Additional Features:

  • The setup of the security camera is really easy and simple. All that is needed is a direct LAN hookup to the router. The camera’s wireless function is a very interesting option. Once the setup is done, you can unplug the Ethernet cable and place the camera anywhere according to the interiors of the house.
  • The security camera can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet. This is another feature that impresses me. This also includes a remote control to change the directions of the camera as and when required.
  • The speaker and microphone function allows the owners to keep track at home and keep interacting with the occupants. This feature comes in handy when there is a pet or a small kid at home. The camera comes with efficient customer service and keeps all the users happy.
  • Sturdy hardware and reliable software are what can aptly define this product. Alas! The camera is restricted to indoor use only. It will not be able to withstand a bad weather. Hence, I can only install it within the house.

While a security camera is the need of the hour, this Vimtag camera meets the specifications perfectly. The remote viewing facility makes this a good buy for anyone. Overall, this camera captures video feeds pretty easily and clearly and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good wireless security camera with remote viewing, night vision, and motion detection.

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2. Arlo Smart Home Security System

security camera reviews - Arlo Smart Home Security SystemThere are valuables at home and more importantly you might have family at your place which may include little children and that is why the safety of your home becomes all the more important. A good security camera will provide you with features that will be instrumental in keeping an eye on the entire house and that too without being physically present in each of the rooms. The security camera that I will be talking about is the Arlo Smart Home Camera which is one the foremost cameras that you can find in the market. The best thing about these cameras is the fact that in order to make this camera work, you will not require a computer. Apart from this particular feature there are other interesting facts that you should know about the Arlo Smart Home Camera that you should know and that is why to let us take a lot at the features of the product first.

No wire at all

The first thing I noticed in this camera is that there are no wires at all. This is the first camera which can actually boast that it is completely wire free. When I say that, I mean it as you will not find a shred of wire at all here. This means that the owner of the camera will be free from managing the hassles of the wires that come with security cameras. This ultimately means that you will be free to place the camera wherever you deem fit without thinking of making extra arrangements for wires. This makes this product perfect for both outdoors and indoors which is something that every person looks for in their security cameras.

The video quality and storage

Another feature that any security camera of the 21st century needs to have is HD quality. I’m glad to tell you that in this department as well this camera scores high. The video quality provided by the product is HD which makes sure that you get a squeaky clean picture and allows you to give more attention to details. What makes the camera more appealing is the fact that you will be able to see both recorded and live pictures not only from your computer but also from the various smart devices like the smartphones and tablets among other such devices. When we are talking about recording, let me tell you that you can safely keep your recordings in the cloud and pick and choose the video that you need to view at your own convenience. This feature is one of the most sought after features and caters directly to your need for comfort.

HD night visions

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera
An HD night vision is the next big thing lined up. Most of the cameras in the market nowadays have night visions, therefore it goes without saying that this Arlo Smart Home Camera isn’t far behind on this. But as an added bonus it made sure that the picture quality is not compromised even if we are viewing at night. This is the reason the picture is of HD quality even in night vision. This is a definite thumb up for the product from me. Now, I come to motion detection. We place the camera all around the house so that we can keep it safe but there are people whole can fool the camera and break in. In order to prevent such a thing happen the Arlo Smart Home Camera comes with motion detection feature which is unparalleled. If I activate this feature, irrespective of my presence in the house, I will get push notifications and an email if even a thing tries to move inside the periphery of my house without permission.

Let us now look deeper into some of the specific features of this particular camera:

  • Fully weatherproof: One of the many advantages of this product is the fact that it is 100% weatherproof. This is also a reason why I can simply place it anywhere around the house. It is fully equipped to handle harsh weather conditions which make it an ideal security camera that can be placed inside your house as well as outside.
  • The set up: The setup of the camera is extremely easy and that is why I can safely call it a user-friendly security. All you need to do here is read the instructions carefully and you are set to enjoy the gifts of a priceless security system.
  • You can add on: The one feature which will set this camera apart is the fact that I can add more cameras to the system if I want to. This is really unique and a deal maker if you are thinking of adding new cameras all around the house.
  • The delay: One issue I faced is that when I am using the motion detection recording, it takes up a few more seconds than it should for the start of the recording.

The Arlo Smart Home Camera is indeed one of the smartest cameras available in the market. Wireless transmission, motion detection, night vision, HD quality and the likes sum up this product perfectly.  Also, the fact that it is completely weatherproof makes it a convenient product for me to keep it outdoors.

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3.Kodak CFH-V15-HD Video Monitoring Security Camera

security camera reviews - Kodak CFH-V15-HD Video Monitoring Security CameraThere is no shame in saying that you are worried about your home and would want to add an extra layer of protection just to be safe and there is no better thing than a state of the art security system. This is the reason I introduce the Kodak CFH-V15-HD Video Monitoring Security Camera system. It is undoubtedly one of the best security cameras that you will find in the market and the name of Kodak should tell you about its technological prowess. It is one product that has made a huge impact in the security systems market and has been one of the most sought after products and it has even reason to be. For features, apart from having good picture quality, it allows you to talk to your dear ones via the functions security camera. Let me share the details of the product with you at length to help you go about it.

The gift of talkback

If I tell you that your camera allows you to talk to your loved ones, then you would laugh it off! But when we talk about the Kodak CFH-V15-HD Video Monitoring Security Camera, then you can trust me that I am not joking. This is one product which will enable you to communicate with your near ones even if you are not close by. Firstly the security comes equipped with a built-in mic which enables you to talk through the camera, something that is not offered by many security system manufacturers. In order to communicate uninterrupted, you need to download the iSecurity app on your smart devices like tablets or other smartphones and you are set to talk with your family members at any point of time.

No stones unturned

This security camera literally makes sure that not one corner of the house is spared from its vision and hence asserting it as the silent guardian of the house. You will find very distinct features when it comes to panning and tilting the camera. For starters, you will have the option of panning the camera to have a 350 degree on both the right and left side. Moreover, you can also tilt the camera up and down to a whopping 105 degree which is pretty impressive for any security camera.

The picture quality

Kodak CFH-V15-HD Video Monitoring Security Camera
There is no doubt that the most important feature of any security camera is to provide the best picture quality and when it comes to Kodak the expectations just get a  little more. And Kodak doesn’t disappoint either with crisp and sharp quality which will help you look at every detail separately and carefully. You will get 720p HD quality picture at all times without fail which will help you to keep an eye on your dear ones at all times and the best thing is, you can do all these things remotely. The CMOS imaging sensor is an addition that wins it for the camera as it is responsible for providing with the best daylight images that there can be.

The storage

One feature that is a must for any security camera is how much storage it can have and when you have Lifetime 1-day Cloud Storage, then you have hit the jackpot. With its help, I am able to see any footage that is stored in the cloud for the past day. You can also get the option of having 14 or 30 Cloud storage option comes in handy for security cameras. If you opt to buy it with the help of the iSecurity app and as a bonus you will also get Optional smart detection feature. This feature will make sure that every moment is captured without failure to keep you updated always.

Having said these, I want to talk about some of the additional features boasted by this security camera:

  • The Wi-Fi extender: An added advantage of the camera is the Wi-Fi extender which is responsible for boosting the network of the existing coverage area. This in turn helps your product get a better connection and helps you view the security of the house with ease. The excellent connectivity of the camera is something to watch out for in today’s times.
  • Motion detection: Another advantage of the product is the feature of motion detection where you calibrate the camera in such a way that if any object moves in a suspicious manner then you will know about it. You will get email and push notifications to keep yourself updated.
  • Night vision: Now see clear and rich pictures at night courtesy to the night vision of the product to make sure your home is aptly protected even at night. This is important for any building now as night time is a very vulnerable time for break-ins and thefts.
  • Software: There is no doubt the hardware of the product is top notch but when it comes to the software, there are some technical glitches that should be taken care of. This is one drawback that this camera has.

This is a nonbiased opinion about the Kodak CFH-V15-HD Security Camera which is to help you choose the best security camera for your house. All I ask you is to choose wisely and enjoy the gifts of technology.

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Types of Security Cameras

There are 12 types of CCTV cameras namely,

  • Bullet
  • Dome
  • Covert/ Desktop/ Board Cameras
  • Discreet Cameras
  • Infrared/ Night Vision
  • Outdoor
  • Day/ Night
  • Varifocal
  • Network/ IP
  • Wireless
  • PTZ/ Speed Domes
  • High-Definition Cameras

We shall now explain these types in detail so that you have a better idea of security cameras.

1. Bullet:

This type is built mainly for indoor purposes but can also serve some outdoor purposes. It is a ceiling-mounted or wall mount camera which gets its name from the classic thin, sleek cylindrical shape. They show off a waterproof body but are not extensively designed for tilt/ zoom/ pan control but to primarily capture images and shots from a fixed position.

2. Dome:

This camera sits in a dome-like housing in and that is where they get have got their name. These housings have been placed for the special purpose of making the cameras unobtrusive but visible. This basically serves two purposes as the “bad guys” will feel threatened by the presence of the camera and the patrons will have no worries as they know that their area is under proper protection. Units such as “spin domes” allow the camera to spin easily within the housing.

3. Covert / Board Cameras:

These aren’t exactly security cameras but are mainly used for teleconference applications. They offer a low-resolution video and are best suited for desktop use like Skype.

4. Discreet Cameras:

This is quite an interesting camera whose appearance itself is deceptive enough for most people to believe that it is a smoke detector or a motion sensor or even a clock! However, it is none of the above. It is a security camera which is placed in discreet locations.

5. Infrared/ Night Vision:

It might get really difficult to see through the darkness at night with no light, but these cameras can see through it all. Using IR LEDs these cameras can capture videos even under pitch black conditions. Sometimes they are available for mobile applications.

6. Outdoor:

The best part of these cameras is their housing which is resistant to dust, insects, and any other such elements.

7. Day/ Night:

When there are varying light conditions like glares and direct sunlight, some cameras fail to capture a proper image and that’s when this type comes to the rescue! These cameras work perfectly fine even when the light keeps changing to free you worrying about glares, reflections, direct sunlight and strong backlight 24*7.

8. Varifocal:

This camera enables zooming in and out even while one is maintaining focus on the particular image.

9. Network / IP:

This type whether hardwired or wireless, enables transmission of images over the internet, compressing the bandwidth to avoid overwhelming the web. IP cameras, unlike analog cameras, do not require power boost or cable run while transferring images over the longer distance.

10. Wireless:

Most wireless cameras are IP-based, but some use alternative modes for wireless transmission. These cameras are extremely beneficial for the fact that there is a lot of flexibility in installation.

11. Pan or Tilt or Zoom / Speed Domes:

This camera can be moved in any and every way possible to get the desired results. These pan/ tilt/ zoom cameras are basically used to cover a wide range with a single camera and though it can move on a timed basis but a surveillance specialist can also monitor this camera.

12. HD Cameras:

These are mostly used for the casinos for their excellent picture quality. These can be zoomed in to have a closer look on things such as poker players in casinos. The cameras can also transmit the images using HD CCTV.

Selecting the Best Security Cameras—What You Must Know

These best security cameras are gaining popularity in the market and are also quite affordable and hence there are too many sellers for these cameras and, therefore, selecting the best of them all, gets pretty difficult. However, these are some things that you really need to know in order to embark on the purchase of the best security camera.

  • Know What You Want!

There are so many different varieties of these cameras each offering so many features and hence if you are unsure of what to really want; life will get a bit difficult for you. So decide! Decide if you want to see general coming and going or you also want to see intricate details like what the people are carrying as this will help you decide upon the quality of the camera that is going to be perfect for you. You will also need to know whether you want an outdoor or indoor camera and whether you need a 1, 2, 8 or 16 camera system.

  • Now Select!

Now that you know what is best for you, I advise you to read the previous page to gain some more knowledge about the types of security cameras so that you can now select the camera that you would like to buy.

  • Quality Matters!

The quality and type of the imaging chip in the camera must be your foremost concern for if the images are weak in quality the whole buy goes in waste! You must now that a CCTV camera uses two types of technology for producing the images that determine their quality. The cheap ones use CMOS technology which produces not very decent results and the high-quality cameras use the CCD chips normally 1/4’’, 1/2’’ or 1/3’’ (the larger the size the better the quality and more the price of the camera) to produce the best quality videos.

  • Color? Or only Black And White?

You must be aware of where the camera is going to place and the lighting conditions of that area. If the area is well lighted, then a camera producing the color image is perfect for you but, if the area has bad lighting, a black and white security camera will be more convenient.

  • Light Level!

Light level is measured in Lux and, the lower the number the lesser will be the light that it will take for reproducing a clear image. You must have some knowledge about the light levels.

  • Understand Resolution!

If you want perfectly clear images, look for a camera with a high-resolution number above 400 lines or else if the picture quality is not of foremost importance to you, you may want to settle for a camera whose resolution is 330 lines. Just remember that the higher the resolution lines of a camera, the sharper and better the images are going to be.

  • Now Select A proper Monitor!

Find a monitor that is going to match the resolution of the CCTV camera that you are installing.

  • Record Them All!

DVR (digital video recorder) are used for recording into hard drives and is the best option for a CCTV camera’s system recorder.


We hope that our unadulterated security camera reviews have been helpful to you. We are sure you are aware of how important it is to know what is happening around you, even when you are not present everywhere because the world is such that ignoring one small detail can lead to a complete disaster. So to avoid such mishaps and trouble we again recommend you to make your days easier by installing these cameras. It works wonders and soon you will hold control over the places and circumstances that you are in.

We hope that you choose the security camera that suits you well and use it in such a way that it lasts for a long time.

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Vimtag Fujikam security camera is an ideal vigilance device that you would want for your home security, and the variety of features it has, are certainly going to give you the necessary peace of mind while you are away from your home.


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Even though not technically defined as a security camera – a lot of the doorbell cameras on the market have excellent quality HD cameras with night vision with the additional bonus of being able to communicate directly with visitors.

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